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Now, I don’t know why I used this sticker.. The only reason I could think of was that this is one of those stickers that I rarely use haha.

Must give the people behind these stickers some props as these are really cute.

Moving on….

Boracay Food Hunting

A trip to Boracay wouldn’t be complete without the food tripping. After all, the island has become congested with a lot of establishments and giving some of these a try would still be worth your while.

Also, given that the island paradise is open to all visitors of different nationalities all year round, you can never really run out of food options. Korean, Indian, Chinese, Peruvian, Italian, Filipino – name it, they might just have it. On top of that, the island also has a lot of bars that

Offer discounted happy hour drinks; and depends on your mood or whatever it is that you want to do – whether it’s to just chill by the beach while listening to some acoustic performances, or join the wild bunch of pubcrawl partygoers, or watch firedancers while having a drink or two; or dance the night away – BORACAY HAS IT.

First off, an Old favourite.

Valhalla Boracay, located inside the D Mall (just behind that mini ferris wheel) and near the huge Japanese restaurant, has been a favorite of ours because of its good food and huge serving. I did, however, forget that serving sizes in Boracay are somewhat huge – like if they say the food is good for one, it is actually good for two (or three, depending on your appetite).

As for me, I was a bit hungry and I was sure Valhalla would not disappoint – so I had dinner there last Thursday.

Chicken Fingers with fries, mustard sauce and coleslaw

This item also has a “lunch set” – a meal with fewer serving size and a cheaper price. It does not come with rice, so I ordered one extra..

Which was really a lot. So I knew I couldn’t finish everything alone and I asked the waiter to wrap the remaining food, I gave it to the beggar I saw earlier.

Yep, there are beggars in the island. It’s a sad reality for any tourist filled place (in my opinion only)

I also had ripe mango shake to go with my food.

Overall, I could say I was happy with what I had in Valhalla. So for that visit alone, I am giving this place a 4.5/5


And then we try the famous ones

Known for its delicious fruit shakes, Jonah’s Boracay is located along the stretch of bars near Willy’s Rock in Boracay’s Station 1. It’s easy to find the place, especially now that it’s one of the must try food trip places to go to. I believe they also have a number of branches around the island so it wouldn’t be an excuse that the place is too far for you not to visit. Haha/

My Banana + Avocado shake! Love it!!!!

I had tocilog – tocino + Fried rice and egg (a very Pinoy breakfast if you may ask)

My friend, on the other hand, had American breakfast.

Jonah’s is arguably one of the most well known and most visited place in the island. Their shakes are really great and they have a number of fruit combinations that all come in low, low prices.

Today’s rating for Jonah’s is 3.5/5.


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