Boracay – Where I stayed

I will always be in awe of this place.

Promised Rooftop Photos of MNL hostel

So this is how it looks during the day..

To your right is the beach

LIME hotel

So this is where I’ll be staying for the next two days.

It’s a relatively new hotel πŸ™‚

Receptionists were nice

Okay. So as not to flood your feed with photos, I just took a video of the room haha.

#Beach #Summer


You know you’re enjoying your vacation when you really don’t have time to update your social media apps. Except of course for the occasional snaps, mine consisted of a tour of our room (which you can already see in the video above) and some photos I took today (which I will also upload here).

Anyway, day went by well for me. I ate at Mang Inasal for lunch and saw a guy whom I remember seeing on Instagram. I noticed him by his tattoo and his chiseled body lol. He’s Malaysian, btw.

He’s Instagram famous! Imagine, I gathered the courage to talk to him and tell him that I saw him on Instagram! Haha! What a funny way to meet a guy. In hopes of not sounding too stalkerish, I asked him what he’s going to do after lunch (though it did come out stalkerish after all lol). He said he’ll just lounge around the beach area and I asked if I could join him. So we did have a little talk about his country and ours; and the beaches and his experienced as a tourist here.

After that, I went back to the hotel to rest for a bit and waited for the afternoon to and went back to the beach at around 5pm. I was hoping there’d be a colorful sunset to take photos of, but the sun wasn’t feeling artsy today. It hid behind the clouds and went away without saying goodbye.

Good thing I brought my pen and paper so I also went around asking people if they’d be willing to take part in my #AbelsLoveMission .

Based on experience, the tourists are friendlier than the locals.

But today, I was rejected by a mom and daughter tandem. Nevertheless, I was happy to have met a lot of people that agreed to have their photos taken – a group of English friends, a Brazilian couple, a group of Taiwanese friends and some Norwegian people.
And oh, how could I forget the Spanish twins who absolutely looked like models!!

Wait for them in my Instagram account @abelslovemission but here’s a preview for you πŸ™‚

Hah. Boys 😍

The Twins 😍😍😍

I went back to the hotel again and took an hour of rest then went back to outside to grab some dinner. It took me an hour to decide where to eat; and I completely forgot that if you order food from the restaurants here, the good for one serving can actually be consumed by two people. Needless to say, I was very full. I shall do a separate food post sometime soon. Not today. Haha.

Went back to the hotel after, took a dip into the pool and now I’m here recapping my day and planning to sleep

Because tomorrow’s gonna be another looooooongggg day. My friend is coming, so I hope I could take more photos. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Good night!!!

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