Hair Issues and other things

I had a haircut!!!!

I was bored last Sunday. I realized it has been three months since I last had one, and ever since I knew the concept of getting a haircut, I’m guessing this is probably the longest my hair has been. I usually go to the salon every month, just to have the sides and the back trimmed.

I also used to have crazy hair, like there was this one time in high school when I dyed it green. Or my graduation photo in college when it was red. Or that time in review school when it was rainbow colored.

I wish Facebook already exists back then or I wish I could’ve saved the photos I’ve uploaded on Multiply and Friendster so I could show you how they looked like. But sadly, all I have left are mental memories of the once free as a butterfly way I outlandishly styled my hair.

Now that I’m working, I can no longer indulge in such things. Banking sucks. Haha.

I’m going to the beach this week, so at the very least, I needed my hair to be rockin’.

And since I cannot do crazy, I settled for this – the Ryota Miyagi look. I know, I know. It’s not 100% accurate, hello look at his jawline and neck? Haha.

But I think I got the eyebrows and the curly hair? Haha. I’m digging it anyway.

I woke up 5:30 am

And I know it’s bad because I’m gonna be sleepy the entire day. Sometimes, when I’m about to travel, I get too excited that my body just wakes up very early. I don’t mind, really. It’s like I have this magic ball of energy consuming me and I’m ready to fight and start my day and enjoy every single minute.

Problem is – my flight’s not yet today, it’s tomorrow. Haha. Plus, I still have to hurdle a day in the office, which is not that good because obviously my mind is already wandering those

perfectly fine white sand; and I know I wouldn’t be able to properly concentrate to day. Ughhhhh…

Time check: 6:30 am and I’m still lying on my back glued to the bed; trying to take my mind off the beach getaway but still ended up talking about it here lol.

In addition to that, we’re supposed to submit our midyear review in the office today. I hate performance reviews. I really do. But it’s something you have to go through as an employee, right? After all, it shall let you know

whether you are doing well in the eyes of your manager or you’re slacking and are no longer contributing to the company’s growth (our company is not growing as of the moment, mind you) so I have to rephrase that, contributing to the company’s cost savings lol.

Eh. Uh. I just hate evaluations.

And just like that it’s already past 6PM!! Hah!!! Hurray for the last workday of this week (at least for me)!!!

Although, I still have one item that’s on my plate today – the midyear review. In a rush, I listed down the things that I’ve accomplished or been a part of. The problem with that is you don’t really remember everything (or it’s just me).. It’s like, I thought I’m just supposed to do my job and not list them down.

But it is what it is. Promotions and bonuses are based on performance

If you don’t sell yourself well enough, then you won’t really get what you think you deserve.

I have a friend who’s really really soft spoken. He sometimes reads my Dayre, but he is yet to create an account (he’s a good writer). He has been having problems with work nowadays (well actually, ever since). So his company had a lot of resignees and the processes were divided amongst those who stayed. He spends long hours in the office, even having to work on holidays. He rants and vents on Twitter

But his supervisors do not follow him there, so they don’t know how he feels.

Come performance review season, he receives a low grade. Why? Maybe because of the overtime? Or because of efficiency problems? But how could it possibly happen when he almost kills himself while working?

That’s because the bosses do not know how he feels. He does not voice out his concerns in the right channel. So the bosses would think that this guy is ok with accepting work, but does it ineffectively.

Such is what happens without proper communication (and escalation, so they say).

Thankfully, the midyear discussion went well. Plus, I had an impromptu night out with two great friends – Aki and Regine.

Ended the night in a “silent disco” themed event at Z Hostel in Makati..

Good night folks, gotta catch some sleep!!!

I’ve been awake for more than 18 hours already? Lol. Zzzzz.

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