Singapore and Switzerland

I know I promised a food post.. But I realized that I have only taken a few photos of what I have been eating the past week, lol.


First stop is this Authentic Hawker / Singapore Food restaurant near the condo. I know, you guys in Singapore see this everywhere but we here in Manila don’t have much of “Hawker Food”; I guess the closest I could think of would be carinderias and eateries (in terms of how they operate, but the type of food they serve is very much different).

Anyway, I’ve been to this restaurant a few years ago (not yet in Dayre). They seem to be legit Singaporean food, but I’m not sure if the taste is

100% the same?

Anyway, on the few times that I’ve been here, I’ve only tried the rice meals (lol). It’s already a complete meal – your choice of viand + rice + free soup + free iced tea. It’s usually worth P180 (around SGD5).


The interiors – now I’m not sure if they kept the Hawker vibe, but I’m guessing not because the hawkers I’ve been to when I visited Singapore were open air areas while this one is closed and airconditioned.

I ordered the Fired Meat Balls rice meal, and I apologize for the fugly photo. I already ruined the presentation when I remembered to take a picture for #DayreFatties lol.

Based on that night’s experience and all the other times I visited this place, I’d still say they deserve a high score of 4/5


Food was tasty and not too expensive. Service was amazing, the server gave me extra meatballs coz she liked my gay charm lol. And the place was clean. So yeah, I’d definitely go back here.

And perhaps try the non-rice meal items in the menu. They have Bak Kut Teh and Cereal Prawns and a lot more!

Old Swiss Inn

I’ve been Swarm Mayor of this place a few years back, but I’ve never been here. So when an opportunity to have dinner here came, I did not hesitate to say yes.

Situated inside the Somerset Hotel in Makati, Old Swiss Inn serves expensive but delicious Swiss (well, duh) food. I say expensive because it really was expensive. Main courses were more than P500 each, salads at P300. I was actually prepared to shell out at least a thousand (gladly our bill didn’t reach that mark).

The Zurich Geschnetzeltes- shredded pork tenderloin in mushroom cream sauce served with roesti potatoes. The dish’s description was it will never fail to release the most discerning diners.

I was not hungry when I went there, but this was the bomb. The meat was tender, and the mashed potato was also good.

The Swiss Inn Salad – their own Chef’s salad, this dish is made up of fresh assorted greens garnished with ham, eggs, chicken and cheese. The waiter was nice enough to give us two dressings : Raspberry Vinaigrette and Thousand Island.

Raspberry Vinaigrette was surprisingly good.

For dessert, we ordered Chocolate Fondue. Our plate had marshmallows, banana, mango and apple slices; and lemon squares. These were eventually dipped into a heated bowl of melted……

TOBLERONE!!!! I tell you, this was one of the best tasting desserts I have ever had. The marshmallow was divine. And so were the bananas and the mangoes. It was like heaven.

#Chocolate #Desserts #Foodie #Food

The only downside to this restaurant was their expensive menu, but they surely make up to it through their amazingly delightful food selections. The taste is just right for the price, And also it is secluded inside a hotel so it was still very much reasonable.

Im giving it a 5!


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