Embrace your inner craziness

First – some words of wisdom from the great Taylor Swift. Seriously, I’m not a #Swiftie but this fcking sentence kills them all. Like you can use it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME you just want to get out of something haha! Buzzfeed made an article about it and it’s freaking HILARIOUS. Hahaha!!!

Now, on to things that I sometimes do care about lol.

Embrace the Crazy in You.

I uploaded this photo (and two more of the same view but different poses) on Instagram the other day. I upload photos on IG by 3’s. I know, I know it’s a bit weird. But wait I’ll take a screenshot.

So basically, my instagram account looks like this. Anyway, one of my friends commented on one of the photos and said:

I am getting worried about your mental health. Please seek help.

Whoa. First of all, you are not a doctor. Second, should it be a joke – the photo is visible to All my friends and everyone including my family can see it. You could have acted with tact and not say something for everyone to see. Third – you don’t make a joke about mental health illnesses. You just can’t. It’s utterly distasteful.

So I replied with the best line I could give:

Save your advice coz I won’t hear
You might be right but I don’t care
There’s a million reasons why I should give you up
But the heart wants what it wants

And then I flooded my Snapchat with photos/videos of myself acting “crazy”.

I initially just dismissed the comment, but I eventually realized that people/friends shouldn’t just do that. Mental Health problems are serious concerns and should never be treated as something that you’ll just look down upon.

Currently, there is a movement in the Philippines that aims to create a Mental Health Act (you might have seen it if you’ve watched movies here in the recent months)

I just signed the petition!!

The thing is, in this country, if you seek help from a psychiatrist people would automatically think you are crazy. They do not realize that this is a medical condition, one that needs attention. Such stigma creates a negative effect that people who experience depression, anxiety or the likes would tend to keep it to themselves or in their bubble so to speak.

Once they can no longer handle it, they just let their bubble burst, lose control or worst case scenario – take their own lives (or those of others).

This is just one of the many reasons why things like this should not be made fun of; nor be treated as a joke – bipolar, autistic, delusional are not just adjectives but are mental health conditions!!

Talking bout Crazy things…

I came across this Thought Catalog post (I know I shouldn’t be reading these things at work), but this is just too good not to share.

Go look it up on Google – 40 Hilariously Dumb Yahoo Answers Questions That Prove The World Is Filled With F*cking Morons

I swear, you’ll have a good laugh. It’s my Happy Friday gift to you hahaha.

In the end, it all comes down to this. No one has any right to tell you what could make you happy. If it’s doing a crazy thing, or you enjoying your own little world of make believe, or overcoming bouts of depression or anxiety..

People can be downright rude and insensitive, and might shove their beliefs or their opinions in your face. But it’s not their lives we are living. My number one rule in social media is – if it’s okay with my mom, then the hell I care about whatever other people say.

Although sometimes (or most of the time) I hide things from her lol.

Anyway, it has been a crazy week for me and my teammates. I’m gonna go get some shuteye. Tomorrow’s a new day, and I’ll talk about some food lol.

Bon Nuit!!!

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