Monday Craziness

It was all a blur

I told you I dread the coming of this week. It was such a busy day – with my daily deliverables, plus covering for the Finance team, plus covering for a colleague who’s on leave because today’s his birthday, plus more and more stuff that I just didn’t realize I’ve already spent 12 hours inside the office building. #Fml

I was also in the verge of panicking for my Boracay Trip next week. Why? I’m not sure if I have enough budget for those 5 days (yes,5 days). Initially, my plan is to just bring

P10,000. My accommodation for the first three nights is already worth P6,000 but you know things can get out of hand especially if you are in a prime tourist spot. So I worry that it might not be enough. I have to save…

But today was stressful. And you know what most people do when they’re stressed…


I found myself in a restaurant located a few blocks away from the condo (Kamagong St., Makati City). They serve Portuguese Style chicken – I have no idea what that was, but I told myself there’s always a first time for everything so why not give this one a try.

I ordered the quarter chicken (breast part) with additional side – Frangos rice (rice with turmeric?)

It comes with three dips – chili, guacamole and peri peri sauce.

The chicken and rice plus mango salsa was good, I especially liked mixing the guacamole and peri peri sauce and slathering it over the chicken! Perfection! If this is how the Portuguese had their chicken, I wonder how the other food from Portugal would taste like! It must be heavenly Out there!

Unfortunately, I find the P200 price to be a bit expensive. As you can see, the serving isn’t that much generous. I had to order an extra Frangos rice (P45) to at least satisfy my tummy lol.

So for today, I give Frangos a 3.5/5.


#Food #Foodie #Dayrefatties #Yummy

Taylor vs. Kim

Where are you in all this drama? Somehow, I get consoled by the fact that my worries and seeming problems are not social media drama worthy.. And that life, no matter how unpredictable, doesn’t bring me shitty stuff like this. To that, I am thankful.

But for these two ladies, I think it’ll be better if they resolve whatever issues they have privately. I’m not a #TaylorSwift nor #KimKardashian or even #KanyeWest fan. In fact, I never liked any of them. The way they get themselves out there is so


Sure they got talent (?!! Questionable for me, sorry) and they do stand up for causes (like feminism for TayTay and BlackLivesMatter for Yeezus); but what they are doing now and how they do things nowadays isn’t helping the society at all (IMHO of course).

I don’t know. I’m just a 90s kid, maybe? But trust me, music was way better back then. My Mariahs and Spice Girls and Britneys (early 2000s) were waaaaaaayyyyy more adorable than the butt of Kim K. Or the lovelife of Taylor. #SorryNotSorry


How come this post had so many likes (more than 50 is many for me)???

Two negative things and my friends are happy for me?

I mean – I am stressed. You like that?

I need a boyfriend. I am fcking single, I need someone to talk to about this long day at work (apart from you my dear dayre). The least they could do is recommend someone or set me up on a blind date? Haha.

Maybe people thought of it as a joke.. But this time, I meant it. πŸ’”πŸ’”

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