The ER

So I just got home from a trip to the ER. It’s not me, it’s my friend who had to go there..

Here’s what happened:

Aki, Geli and myself were doing the usual iMessage groupchat when Aki suddenly told us that he was experiencing palpitations- for more than an hour already. He couldn’t point out the exact reason why but he suspects it’s because of the medication he was taking for his back pain. This medicine is called Arcoxia – which he was supposed to take once a day.

He forgot that he has already taken one yesterday morning so he took another pill in the afternoon. He also had coffee and 5 fried quail eggs (hello, cholesterol).

Geli, being an ER regular due to palpitations and asthma attacks, advised Aki to go to the nearest hospital and have himself checked. Bear in mind that in the PH, usually if it’s past 9pm, only the Emergency Room is open. And being a paranoid, I supported Geli’s suggestion and told Aki to go to Makati Medical Center’s ER.

Afterall, this will be covered by his healthcard. I also volunteered to go with him since I’m one of the two people in our circle nearest to the hospital (the other one is Rea, but she’s in an office activity and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow).

Aki went to the hospital, and I followed after dropping my things in the condo. I was actually thinking of movie-like scenarios on how I would frantically barge into the ER looking for my friend haha. But I did not do that ✌🏻️

When I found him, he was already lying in bed and waiting for the nurse/doctor for an ECG and a blood extraction.

Doctor came and I was mesmerized – he was insanely HOT. Haha. I was like thank you for bringing me here lol.

But the next thing that happened would probably haunt me for days. We heard a child crying helplessly. I actually passed by this group of people (doctors, nurses, and relatives I suppose) before I went to Aki. It’s like a scene in Grey’s or ER. They were in a circle

Surrounding this little kid – I have no idea how old; but judging by the cries, I would think he was just barely a year to 3 years of age. And then the cries became louder, I felt his pain. I guess everyone inside the ER Felt it too; and then I heard sobbing – probably of the mother, who could not bear seeing her child suffer that much pain. It went on for more than 3 minutes, and it was really, really hard to hear (how much more witness).

Now I know why I never wanted to be in the medical

field. I could never stand something like that. I would probably cry at the sight of a child in pain, or pass out when I see someone drenched in blood.

With this, I salute all the doctors- here in Dayre and everywhere in the world. Your job is never easy. It probably is the hardest one I could think of especially when you deal with a person’s life, when his existence is in your own two hands.. @theterencelee you and all your colleagues are amazing. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

When we went out of the ER, the child

was no longer there. We do not know if he is still with us in this world. But those cries would stay with me for days. I will be praying for him, and his family.

#Life #DayreLife #DayreDoctors

A Photo of the Hot Doctor

So here’s the doc hottie I was talking about πŸ˜‰

I know, I know.. Another guy stalking/research done well.

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