A not so ordinary Sunday written on a Tuesday.

A friend of mine will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, so I visited him over the weekend to have lunch and at least have a quick catch up. I seldom go to Quezon City because I despise riding the MRT (trust me, it’s super bad even on weekends); but a friend’s gotta do what he’s gotta do lol.


We went to the famous Maguinhawa street – famous for the many hole in the wall restaurants – and tried the Via Antonella, sounds Italian but not really haha. It serves pasta and rice meals plus a variety of other sumptuous breakfast choices. The place is quiet, it has that expensive chill feel to it.. But it’s not that pricey at all. We had the following:

Chili-Tuyo Spaghetti : their bestseller, spaghetti sautรฉed in tuyo (dried herring/ dried fish) canola oil, calamansi juice and garlic, spiced up with chili flakes.

This was my lunch, it was good except for the chili part hahah. But well, I asked for it. Haha.

Mikay’s Chicken Barbeque : chicken leg quarter, marinated in honey-toyo (soy sauce) – calamansi – hoisin blend, served off the grill with buttered vegetables.

Barbeque back ribs – their own version of porkloin back ribs served with vegetables.

The food was good, and the ambiance was also relaxing that I believe I can forgive the spicy food I had and give this place a 4/5. Would surely love to come back and try the other items in their menu!


#Foodie #Food #Foodph #Dayrefatties


After lunch, we went to the next door ice cream shop (which also serves food, mind you). The place is called Papa Diddi’s Ice Handcrafted Ice creams

Some of the delightful desserts – they have weird names for their ice creams, but it makes the customers more curious as to how these would taste (at the time I went there, there was a Starry Surprise and a Why Not Turmeric, which both tasted awful lol).


I tried the double chocolate and sweet basil, which my friends found to be a tad too strong. But when you mix them together, it was awesome. The sweetness of the chocolate plus the herb-ish taste of the basil, ah-mazing!!! See photo below:

The good thing about Papa Diddi is that their ice creams are made the night before, so as to ensure their freshness. All the ingredients are coming from local farmers, and they do not have food coloring – so as not to interfere with the natural nutrients. Haha. I made that all up. But no, I believe that’s the reason why some flavors are almost empty – since they only handcraft a limited amount of ice cream per day.

Plus! If you’re bored, you can try to be artsy and use the crayons on the paper placemats that they give.


After dessert, we decided to visit this boutique hotel in another part of Quezon City – the B Hotel (Bellevue). It’s one of those small hotels that are suitable for staycations (remember Azumi Boutique Hotel, posted about that last year). Unfortunately, we didn’t book any rooms. We just went there to hang out at their lobby, because we figured that if you could speak well; people won’t think of you as a freak or poor person just wanting to loiter around the area (which is exactly what we did).

Lounging hahhaha.

Fat is the new black. โœŒ๐Ÿป๏ธ

Now before you judge us and what a social climber we all were, be it known that deep inside I was afraid that the guards were already noticing that we were just enjoying the perfect aircon of the hotel’s lobby; so I suggested that we order something from their cafe.

My friend asked the staff if we can eat by the poolside, and I don’t know why or how – maybe we didn’t look poor lol- but they agreed.

So we had nachos

And fruit juices / coffee

And of course some photos in the pool area. We all found this very funny that the “infinity pool” is facing an ungodly view of roofs and a construction site. We were all like, what the f? There is no way this would be relaxing. Imagine having to swim there and all these construction guys would ogle at you? Hah. Thanks but no thanks. Lol.

I’d like to commend the hotel staff for being very accommodating.

And for allowing us to take these photos lol.

#Travel #Staycation

I won!!!!

I won an American Idiot cap!!! Yay!!!

And I was so happy to have won this with this hottie. Now, I don’t know him personally. I stalked him on Facebook, he’s a traveller and a singer.

Yes. I do cute guy stalking and I’m good at that. Lemme know if you want my services, I do it for free.

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