Bank’s Worst Client

We all have imperfect days

The only problem is when it comes at the start of the work week. It kind of messes up with your entire system.

What exactly happened?

I was on my way to work this morning when I realized that I have forgotten my wallet. So I was considering whether I should go back to the condo and get it or just go to work and borrow money from someone. I decided to go back home because no one wants to lend money on Mondays – I believe it’s considered to be bad luck.

When I got off the jeepney, I realized my place is just near so it’ll be a quick ride back – but no jeep stopped for me. So I walked.

Fortunately, I was only a couple of minutes late to the office. But then, my pc rebooted over the weekend and it took about 15-20 minutes to have it working again.

And then, I found out that I also left my charger at home. Which is just fine, I can borrow someone else’s; plus I have an extra charger here which I rarely use Coz it’s fake haha.

I Eventually used the fake charger because I had to rant and post complaints about the bank employees of the BPI Branch in our office building.


Well, they have this electronic queuing system which will provide you with a number and you just wait for to be called. When I got my number at around 11am it was 97; the number being served is 70. So I went back upstairs and thought I’d wait 30 minutes before coming down again.

I went back 11:30 and saw that the number is now 87.

My number is near so I thought of just waiting there. 30 minutes after, and a lot of people have come and gone to the bank tellers, I look up and saw the number on the screen was 90. I was like, what the hell??? Clearly, more than three people have had their bank transactions processed – and in no way did they look like VIP clients nor senior citizen. So what gives?

I felt that these people were able to get ahead of me because they were personally known by the tellers. And I thought it wasn’t right.


So I headed back to the office, charged my phone, and flooded the company’s Twitter account. I also posted a
Long complaint on Facebook, and tried calling their customer service.

I got a reply from Twitter, and a friend of mine who knew someone asked me for some more details. So there, I’m not backing out of this because this ain’t the first time it happened. And a lot of people agree with my observation!!! Hah!


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