weekend marvels

So far

I’ve been marathoning this Korean Drama starring my super super crush, Yoon Shi Yoon, entitled #MirrorOfTheWitch . It’s really a good one, and I heard it has been extended for a few more episodes.. So yeah, I’m excited to see how it ends as the characters are really, really believable I hate the antagonist witch with all my heart. Haha.

Also on my list this weekend is season 2 of Jane The Virgin. This has been my guilty pleasure, replacing the absence of ANTM And desperate housewives; plus Jane’s torn between two hot guys, but I’m still #TeamMichael though hahaha.

American Idiot

I also went out last night to see this musical, a Filipino take on the hit Green Day musical American Idiot, which comprised of songs from the band Green Day (duh) – it includes Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake Me Up When September Ends and my super favorite 21 Guns.

I’m not really a hardcore Green Day fan, I only know a few of their songs so last night was sort of a re-introduction to them.

It’s a story about friends trying to figure out what they want in this world – and of course given that Green Day is in the rock genre, the story is a bit dark and rebellious and cray cray, you know what I mean. Haha.

It tells you the story of these three friends – Johnny, Will and Tunny. They plan to embark on an adventure to discover life, but Will backed out because of his pregnant girlfriend. Tunny got tired of living a crazy life that he joined the military. And Johnny found himself

falling for drugs and a girl whom he even forgot the name of.

The producers put up an outdoor theater for this one because probably it made more sense to have those blasting music outside than to confine it indoors.

The stage.

And with theater buddy Geli

And other batchmates/friends from my previous job.

Put these in your mouth

And you know I love posting about what I eat (and what my friends eat). The other day, we went to Persia Grill. It’s weird how they have higher prices today but they don’t get really crowded; so I’m wondering if they raised their prices to compensate for the lack of customers or did the ingredients of whatever they have on the menu became expensive too?

Nevertheless, I still tried their kebabs:

Chello Kebab Tikka:

2 Skewers of grilled chicken breast fillet marinated with Persian spices and herbs.

Still love their rice tho. Haha.

My friend had these

Chello Kebab Makhsos

Combination of grilled beef tenderloin (barg) and grilled beef kebab (kubideh).

Our visit is a 3/5, because the food is really expensive (despite the generous serving of rice, I still think it is expensive)


#Food #foodie #foodph #Dayrefatties

After the show ended last night (10pm) we had dinner at Heaven’s Barbecue at the Fort Strip in BGC. We only had few choices coz most restaurants that were open were serving Saturday night drinks already, so the lights were already dimmed.

Sausage Silog

Barbecue silog.

Silog is a typical Filipino breakfast meal consisting of sinangag/fried rice and egg; it is paired with your choice of ulam/viand – usually hotdog, tocino, longganisa or any quick to prepare food.

Heaven’s barbecue had these, and since it was our first time, we tried the silog meals even if we went there at nighttime. It turned out to be a good decision as the food tasted really great, serving was generous and price was reasonable. I’m giving it a 4/5.


And Lastly

I would like to pay homage to my facial hair, which I grew for one month straight- no shaving or trimming. I feel that it looked good on me in the sense that it gave me that manlier appeal, which is funny because I don’t really want to try to be one. The thing is, it’s still what is attractive to most gay people – someone who is still in touch with his masculine side. And since I’m not the type who’d burn my ass in the gym, I just thought of looking a bit tough with that scruff. Lol.

In addition to that, Rea (one of my closest friends) dared me to do this just to see how it’ll look on me. I think I managed to have her promise to buy me a glass of tea in exchange for this (sadly, my favorite tea place has already been closed).

Another thing about this beard, I intend to keep it that way but I had a problem with maintaining it. It’s one of those guy things that puzzles my simple gay mind; so I grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed them. Unfortunately, it did not do the trick

Not sure if there’s any #DayreMen #DayreGuys hashtag existing, but if there’s any, someone here needs a guy advice lol!

A friend told me to buy an electric shaver (Braun or whatever brand that’s effective) and it can help me achieve my desired facial hair trim. It’s too expensive and I’m not yet ready to shell out that much money as I am still trying to save for my Boracay trip.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna go clean shaven face but will let it grow again – just for fun. Haha.

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