Food – Kanin Club Rampa – Facial Movie – Alice In Wonderland (Through the Looking Glass)

So after raining the past three days / nights, the sun has decided to show up. This – after getting myself so wet last night when I walked home; and after I brought a huge, thick jacket today.

Someone’s enjoying playing tricks on me, eh?

Nevertheless, it’s a holiday. I had time to do my first, ever (as in after 30+ years of existence) FACIAL – the dermatologist related, you dirty minded you. Lol.

Plus, it’s Wednesday today, which meant new movies?!!


An unplanned lunch with my friends from my first job happened today. We ate at Kanin Club in Ayala Triangle.

The gang

Gaylee – second from left, will be migrating to Guam by the end of this month; that’s the reason why this sudden get together pushed through. It’s amazing how we’ve all stayed friends considering I only worked with most of them for less than a year. They say the friends you make on your first job will be your friends forever; and I do believe it is true πŸ™‚

Tinapa Rice – so lunch consisted of lots of rice and ulam (viand); given that we all are great eaters – no diets here – we ordered two kinds of rice. This one and this:

Sinangag Rice?

– Sorry I did not really get the names, but I think it’s a flavored rice and the flavor was sinigang (a bit sour, lol).

Salt and Pepper Squid – loved this, and the sweet and spicy sauce that came with it.

Chicken Tinola – my favorite!!! But tbh, mom’s or gradma’s cooking is still the best for me haha!

Binukadkad na Tilapia

Crispy Dinuguan – pig’s blood? Nah. Not my thing.

Ampalaya and Beef? – also not for me. Ampalaya is bitter gourd? Or I don’t know. I’m too lazy to google translate. Lol.

Kanin Club is always a great place to eat for group/sharing meals. And it is also the best one for those who loves generous rice servings (ehem)! So today, I give it a 4/5!


#Foodie #Foodph #Dayrefatties #Food #Yummy

the Facial

I sort of won something last week – a free facial treatment from Optimum Aesthetic Solutions, which is being endorsed by Mara Aquino – if you remember, she was the celebrity I tweeted and had dinner with last month. So yeah, This friendship has its benefits. To be fair, I joined her Instagram contest (which she asked me to join).

And guess what, this is the very first time my face would undergo such procedure. I’ve had scrubs and facial washes – but never the dermatologist.

Because 1) it is costly and 2) i am afraid that instead of my skin looking better, it would turn out to be worse

But since this one is free, and I feel that I’m old enough to just try this for once and #Yolo my way out of it – whatever the result is – I brought my facial virgin face to the derma.

I documented the procedure – since I wanted to know what is happening and why is she doing it, plus, I needed to have proof if ever something bad happens lol.

Initially, I thought I would be seen by a real dermatologist (skin doctor, the one with a plaque on her desk). But when I was greeted by a staff, I realized that oh well, this is just like a spa. You go here to pamper yourself – I googled and found out that facials are relaxing..

The kind lady – I am hoping that she is at least a nurse or a trained professional in what she is doing – suggested that I also do a diamond peel to “close my pores” after the facial; I just have to add P100

And I happily obliged! Hello, I thought diamond peel was super expensive? Then I asked, how much does this whole treatment cost – if it’s not for free? She said it is P600, plus the P100 for the diamond peel. Oh okay. That’s a lot of money, but you don’t have to do it every week, she said you can pay a visit once a month.
She also mentioned that I should have some face warts removed, they do it for P699, I think? While for some dermatologists, they charge on a per wart or per area – their

P699 covers the face or the neck – whichever you choose. Of course there are specialized cases – I don’t really know – that the warts are hard to remove so they charge a bit more.

Back to the facial. She cleaned my face, put some cleanser on it, and then steamed it so that it would soften the pores (so she said); In that way, it would be easier to remove the blackheads and whiteheads.

I don’t know if you’ve seen these on Youtube or Facebook,but it is actually a thing I find enjoyable to watch

The blackhead/whitehead removal procedure where the lady has this metal thing with a circle in the end and she puts it in the blackhead/whitehead, pushes it against your face causing the blackhead/whitehead to come out like a fcking worm!!! It’s so much fun to watch these videos but when you’re the one whom the procedure is being done to – Oh Crappy Hell, God damn it. That fcking thing was painful!!!! Not really painful – unbearable levels, but somewhat why the fck am I torturing myself levels.

After removing these monsters, she then proceeded to applying a toner, then a laser, then the diamond peel and then more toner (that stuff smelled really bad though). All these are documented below – and please don’t open in your desktop to avoid seeing my unflattering angle – egghead.

The photo in the bottom right corner is the “after” look. I have no idea if anything has changed or if it did something better to my face; but the lady advised me not to wash it for 8 hours. So I guess I won’t be able to see/feel the effects till tomorrow. As to whether I would do it again or not? Still depends on the results of this one. πŸ’πŸ»


Ended the day with a movie!

I watched the long awaited sequel to Alice in Wonderland – Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Okay, you know I am careful in writing these things so as not to spoil the fun to those who are planning to watch it.

But I should say that this movie is great – for the kids, for the entire family, and for good friends!

Alice journeys back to Underland to help the madhatter; in the process she also journeys through time and uncovers the past that tells the story of

The Red Queen, her sister and the Mad Hatter and how their lives are intertwined from the start.

Yep, it’s a great movie so I give it a 5/7


#DayreMovieClub #movies #movieaddicts


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