Yummy Journey

Millenials have been tagged as those who are only concerned with taking photos of their food and sharing it; and never really enjoying the food. Good thing #Dayrefatties aren’t as judgmental as people in other social media apps.

Hence, I present to you, a post dedicated to the fine art of the way I am enjoying food around the Metro.


Who doesn’t love great cakes?

We always go to Caramia to buy cakes for birthday celebrators in the office; that’s why when I was asked if I would like to avail of the discount card, I said yes. It came with free slices of cakes!!!

Sadly, I was not able to get the names of these lovely delights; but nevertheless they both looked and tasted yummy!!!

Looks like black forest, but I really don’t know.

#Dessert #Cake

I’m a nonsense foodie by not getting the details of what I eat Hahaha. That’s basically the reason why I don’t consider myself one. I might just be a poser. Lol.

CaraMia cakes are guaranteed to be great, I give them



Tucked in a building right in front of Citibank’s office in Makati, Aposento is an unassuming space that you’ll mistake as one of those “Just another bar ” in the corner. That’s during the day, but everything changes at night. They hold packed parties, especially the Brazilian Models Night every other Thursday. That’s when I first heard of it – I follow this hot Brazilian dj and he posts invites for the models night so I went there to “try” and check out the place.

Don’t be intimidated by the hot models who post the invites during Thursdays, you should go there for the food! I kid you not, they serve cheap and delicious food! Not really cheap, but I’d say something that gives you your money’s worth. Prepare 200-500 per person. I guarantee you’ll come out of the restaurant with a full and satisfied tummy.

Pork Binagoongan served with sliced green mango – this is a steal for just P265!!! It looks like a small serving, but no, it’s not. Good for 2-3 people!

The Aposento siomai, also good.. But not perfect ✌🏻️

Their tinapa rice – this serves two to three people, but this was just eaten by two. DELICIOSO!!! So heavenly!!! And I mean all those exclamation points!!!

Smoked salmon with cream cheese maki!!
Perfect!!! Salmon? Perfect!!! And did i say perfect?!

Their Pesto with Mushrooms in Olive Oil pasta. In case you ask, these were consumed in two visits haha. I made sure I’d try all the bestsellers, and boy, they were all great.

Aposento deserves a perfect score!



Casa Italia


Sometimes, restaurants can look very expensive from the outside that you’d be surprised they have a range of affordable food inside. Take the case of Casa Italia in Bonifacio Global City.

It’s situated in a posh place, people who frequent the area are either from Class A b or c, and they all are dressed well. Their staff are good looking, and look like they can hold conversations with their targeted customers. If you know you’re not from the targeted market, you would be scared right?

Aside from that, they just look like one of those restos that just offer Italian Gelattos.

Or bread/cakes…

But no, they have a decent menu – and by decent, I mean delicious and again, affordable. I’ve been here twice and I have tried:

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Sauce – oven baked burger patty served with rice and topped with sunny side up egg

Bolognese – Casa Italia Meat based sauce

Spaghetti Gamberi – Shrimp sautΓ©ed in creamy Casa Italia Sauce

Blue Cheese – Mozzarella pizza made even better.

Casa Italia is worth a try, I give it a 4.5


#Food #Foodie #foodph #yummy

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