Delish Kitchen – Last Day

It’s Friday!!! And we’re finally done with the last work week of June 2016 haha! That also means this is the last day I’ll be receiving my first set of food deliveries!!


Breakfast was pancit bihon which I found tasty and the serving was very generous. However; after finishing this whole lunch box, I felt very, very dizzy from 10am onwards. I don’t know if it was because of this, or because I ate it too early that I my hunger caused it; or if I woke up very early too (5am). I didn’t know what to do, so I felt that I had to address the easiest cause possible – hunger. I ate lunch at exactly 12 noon.


Lunch was bagnet and monggo beans – and you know I have high standards for bagnets. This one, as expected, failed miserably. Ugh. Though I felt slightly better after having lunch, the dizzy feeling still comes back every once in a while. I went to the office doctor (who visits us every two weeks) and had my blood pressure checked. 120/90. Normal. So wtf is wrong with me? Surely, I’m not pregnant… The last time I had sex was a long time ago lol.


Delish Kitchen Manila’s saving grace was their fish fillet. I liked the one last Monday and this one was good as well. At least it felt like it’s worth the P100+ price tag.

The snack/dessert was coffee jelly and it tasted nicely. So, in the end, I would give the delivery service a 3/5 today and a 3/5 overall.


#Dayrefatties #food #Foodie #Foodph

Would I do it again? Yes, but not anytime soon. Maybe when I get fed up with fastfood and all the usual stuff I eat. To be fair, I missed McDonald’s fries and Goto Monster’s bagnetsilog and the meatballs near the office hahah.

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