Delish Kitchen Manila Day 4 (and some more)

Week’s almost over!!! And June is about to bid goodbye!!! And I’d be done with my daily food updates I’m sorry if I’m documenting these deliveries. I just feel the need too because hello, I paid for these haha.


Today, I got tuna sandwich – three layers of white bread with a somewhat generous serving of mild spicy tuna inside. Not really that great as you know you can get or even make this using cheaper ingredients lol. Now that the week’s almost over, I’m actually feeling that the delivery costed me more than what I gained from it.


Chicken something and lotsa rice. Again, they have three small pieces of chicken marinated in what seems to be a tomato paste or whatever.. Okay, they gave better parts this time as compared to the one I had the other day. But still… These are small!!!


Ground Pork with lotsa rice. Tasted good, but then again, the Family mart downstairs have the same meal for P72 (if I’m not mistaken). So yeah, another not so good meal today. I hope they redeem themselves tomorrow, otherwise, I won’t order from them again.

Today’s rating is:



#Dayrefatties #Food #Foodie #Foodph

Bonus: Compare and Contrast

8am look versus 6pm look! Hahahhaa.

#Vanity #DayreSelfie #Vain #Selfie

I’m sorry for my #DayreSelfie and #Vanity , I’m just happy that I’ve grown my hair for two months without haircut and my facial hair for three weeks now!!! Amazing! Never thought I could actually do that haha.

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