Delish Kitchen Manila Day 2

It’s Day 2 of my Delish Kitchen Manila deliveries!!! Now since I have already spent P2000 for this week’s food (breakfast to dinner), the goal is to no longer spend money on other edible things haha.


Two huge pieces of Pizza Roll!! I ate the green pepper inside – which is really unusual for me haha. I thought that this would be a light breakfast, but no, I was wrong. 😦


Today’s lunch!! Three pieces of small chicken parts plus mushroom and gravy. Ugh. This one did not meet my expectations.

I would have loved one huge breast part and not three small ones. That’s why I immediately devoured the snacks for the day:

I don’t really know what these are, but they reminded me of oversized fruit loops hahah.


I was very excited for the Truffle pasta, but sadly it’s as disappointing as my lunch 😦

One – the truffle is overpowered by the meat. Two – the pasta was too creamy
Three – should’ve had this with my breakfast instead lol.

I was planning not to buy anything, but the food today weren’t really that great, so I bought avocado shake lol.

Today, I’m giving Delish Kitchen a 2/5.


#Foodie #Dayrefatties #Food #foodph

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