Delish Kitchen Manila Day 1

So this week, I’m trying this food delivery service from Delish Kitchen Manila (you can find them on Facebook and Instagram).

They have three kinds of packages: Lunch Box (lunch only), Classic Baon (lunch and dinner) and Full Baon (breakfast, lunch and dinner). I am trying the Full Baon because I feel that I should be eating yummy breakfast as well and not just the Family Mart hotdogs lol.

It’s a bit expensive (according to my friends), P350/day plus P50 delivery charge.

Their menu for the week.

Actually, I don’t mind paying a bit more as long as it’s good and I would feel that it’s worth every cent. Plus, the one thing that really caught my attention was the line that said: NOT A DIET DELIVERY SERVICE

YAY! That means they wouldn’t be selfish in the amount of food they’d be packing!

I went to the office very early today coz I’m excited (they deliver the food in between 7-9am). The delivery guy came 8am, and he was cute! Wish he’d deliver the food everyday!

They already delivered the meals for the entire day. So I guess I just have to reheat everything, and I will have choices if I’d follow the sched or just eat whichever I want first lol!


Dumplings + Rice

The serving was sooooo generous, look at that rice!!! Heavenly!

And the dumplings were great too. So I am excited to know what’s in store for me for the rest of the day!! Yay!!!!


Yummy lunch was Delish Pork Barbecue and rice!! Lotsa rice lol.

Now I have to say, they surpassed all expectations coz I thought everything would just be so simple – easy to cook and easy to reheat.


Probably the best meal of the day! The Adobong Kangkong was so good – and I tell you, I’m not much of a vegetable fan. Plus the fish fillet was amazing. Though, it could’ve been better if it was crispy or they provided a dip. Overall, the meals for the day was a 4/5!


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