Let Love In

Happy Pride!!!

The theme of yesterday’s Metro Manila Pride March was #LetLoveIn , and even though I was having second thoughts in going to this year’s festivities I still went and this time I was joined by a couple of my friends Aki and Rea:

Prior to going to the venue (Lapu Lapu Shrine in Rizal Park, Manila) we had a quick lunch at Mr. Choi’s in Robinson’s place, Ermita.

The requisite eyeglasses in the resto shot.

As for the food, we had:

Fish Fillet in Taosi with Rice

Of course, a stable in any Chinese restaurant for me – the pork siomai.

Spareribs rice (Aki’s)

Fish Fillet Congee (Rea’s)

Food was good, not that great. There were only a few people in the restaurant so either 1) they really don’t taste good and 2) they’re too expensive or 3) both

I’d give this 3/5


#Dayrefatties #Food #foodie #foodph #Foodporn

The Pride March

The facebook page for the festival said that registration starts at 2pm, but of course I knew better – parade really starts late in the afternoon so we took our time and when we got there, they weren’t even assembling yet.

I saw some familiar faces – mostly those whom I’ve seen in the Hohol I attended last month; but they weren’t really too friendly (or that’s just me). We walked around and checked out the booths and the people with their beautiful and colorful costumes.

Saw this guy, he’s an actor (not really famous) but he’s my FB friend lol. So i wasted no opportunity and had my photo taken with him. There were a couple of photographers who took a few snaps of us too, but I didn’t really mind hahah.

Since we didn’t belong to any of the organizations present in the parade, we looked for those who were willing to accept other people to join then during the parade. A guide saw us and told us to follow him.

We went right smack into the front, where we were tasked to hold the huge Rainbow Flag!


The thing with this parade is that there was a car that was supposed to be “guiding” us; and for some reason it was driving too slow – think funeral slow. So imagine all of us all happy and smiling and all that stuff but the stupid car was just ruining the moment lol.

Plus this year’s route was shorter than the one last year. Nevertheless, it was still a fun parade!

More photos here:

After the parade, we brought the flag to the stage- here we were, posing with this year’s hosts.

And no one really took the flag from us, so I used it for some photo ops.

Too much rainbow? Still beautiful for me πŸ™‚

The massive crowd consisted of almost 5000 LGBTQIA+ members and allies. A program with performances from the community’s talented members was held after the parade. We stayed till the very end πŸ™‚

The most heartfelt and tearjerking performance of the night – a song number from our elderly sisters. They used to live in the Home for the Golden Gays, but since the death of the owner of this house, the gays who lived there were sort of dispersed (some remained homeless). They only get together on special occasions and to attend several events like this one.


And the most energetic and best in crowd participation performance of the night was Lady Gagita’s medley of (well) Lady Gaga songs.


This guy who interprets for our deaf mute brothers and sisters was a looker!!! And a totAlly hot scene stealer too!!!

#Pride2016 #Letlovein #HappyPride

And I sAw myself on someone else’s instagram lol

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