the bomb


Bomb Scare!!!!


So there was a bomb scare earlier at the office.

Here’s a blow by blow of what happened (from my perspective)

1) saw officemates looking out of the window, deduced that something must be wrong

2) heard that there was a bomb threat, was in the middle of work

3) people started to panic, I keep my cool. I have insurance, mom would be 1Mio richer.

4) realized that this is really a life threatening situation, packed my bags and got my crown. Stuffed it inside the bag. Filled my bottle with water

5) went out, was pushed inside a packed elevator

6) not knowing what to do and where to go, called my boss and teammates. They were at the designated spot during fire drills

7) there’s a trash bin in the evacuation spot, so we moved to a clear area.

8) did anybody call the police? I don’t think anyone did, so I called the emergency hotline. They are not aware of any bomb threats in the area

9) boss asked us if we are willing to go back inside as there was a directive that it’s safer inside

10) we all went back, but people are still coming out of the building. I asked the guard if there was a bomb threat, he looks like he doesn’t know what to say or answer

11) we all decided to go back upstairs and wait for further instructions

12) Police called me and said there’s no bomb. There’s a VIP in the area, whom they are not authorized to disclose and people just thought there was a bomb because of the presence of armed men in uniform

This is the video I took earlier and I sent it to news sites on Twitter. They also helped me figure out what’s going on.

So what did I learn today?

1) the security in our building failed miserably. They did not know what is happening, much more manage the proper evacuation of the building – of course, with the thought that there was a bomb threat

2) proper communication could have saved everyone the hassle; what if there were people with conditions that could be triggered by fear/stress?

3) also proper verification could have been done, but really.. Right at that moment, people were all panicking. We were supposed to wait for instructions from our own security team (not the building’s), but the fear itself was so real and everyone just wanted to get out. When it’s your life that is at stake, there’s no amount of protocol that could hinder you to fight for it. But it could also turn out for the worse? We really wouldn’t know, would we?

So there.. An explosive account of

what happened today. Lol.

On to the lighter side of things….

Meet Mara Aquino

Meet Mara Aquino, girl crush material. She’s a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) courtside reporter and Good Times With Mo Podcast co-host. She’s sort of a celebrity (in her own right), more popular with the men (of course, basketball and those curves).

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I started listening to Mo’s podcast. So yesterday, I thought of watching the show live – in the studio. I sent her a tweet asking if it’s possible, she did not reply. So I sent her a DM.

The stars must have aligned perfectly for me yesterday that she replied to my DM and said, the studio is too small to accommodate visitors and you really cannot here what they were all saying as they are on headsets the whole time.

And then she said, why don’t we have dinner instead? Long story short, we had an impromptu dinner date yesterday at Tipsy Pig!

If only all other celebrities were as kind as her!

We came late because of the stupid traffic, but she was very very nice! She went on talking about stuff as if we were really close friends, I guess you owe it to her job that’s why she was as chatty as that lol.

She initially declined to have photos taken because she just came from the dermatologist, but upon convincing her that it doesn’t show in photos, she agreed to have some taken! Yay!!!

It was a surreal experience, there I was – practically a nobody to her – but she agreed to meet us and dine like we weren’t worlds apart. She was really down to earth; and pleasant! I have high hopes for her career in the PH.

Just can’t move on from this celebrity experience that’s why I had to write about it

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