A movie, A play and the Rejections that Follow

Me Before You

Have you seen it?



I’m not the type who spoils things for people who have not yet seen the movie, but I’m thinking if you’re one of the many who were gushing to see this film I’d assume you’ve already read the book and knew what’s about to happen? Yep. The ending did not change, what happened in the book still happened in the movie.

So I guess, that leaves me to asking – what would be better, read the book first or watch the movie before reading the book?

I would have to say that the perfect formula is movie first, then book later. Because if you fell in love with the book, chances are, you will find the movie lacking (except for Hunger Games because I knew of people who were really happy with the movie). That’s just me.


For one, my favorite scene in the book was not in the movie. It was the maze scene, when Lou lost herself in the maze and

was found by Will and she ended up revealing her story to him, it was such a pivotal moment of Lou’s character that I do not know why it was not included in the movie. But I guess, they had to focus on the LOVE STORY and not on the development of the characters that’s why they excluded the said part.

Also, I imagined Patrick to be this hot buff Thor-like creature. But no, it was the once fugly now super hot Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis. Lol.

Louisa’s family’s role was also eclipsed,

and so were some random things that I found cute in the book – how she got her sister’s old room (which was hers in the first place, how she joined an online support group and made friends with other paraplegics)… Oh. I could go on and on.

Nevertheless, Emilia (unfortunately this is the first time I’m seeing her act) shined in the movie. Her portrayal of Louisa was on point. Sam Claflin is adorable and hot and oh so yummy. Those two and Will’s parents are everything I imagined them to be.

I’m giving #MeBeforeYou a score of 4/7 , no offense to the fans but the book was very much better.



In my days away from #Dayre , I immerse myself in either : Food, Movie or Culture lol.

I watched this musical that tells stories of the Parables of Jesus and a little view of his passion in the end.

I admit that the real reason I watched this was because it consisted of a cast that was considered “Theater Royalties” in the Philippines.

The parables and the parts of Jesus’ life were mixed with modern music and an slideshow of current world problems running in the background.

Posing against the photo wall lol.

Anyway, the start of the musical was very, very chaotic – we almost didn’t understand what they were saying. So we tried focusing on 1) their singing 2) their unbelievably well choreographed dancing (while singing) and 3) the good looking actors lol.

But really, the performances were amazing. They were so amazing, you would really ask God why these people were blessed with so much talent haha. We had a feeling we attended the performance where family and

friends were present because everyone seemed to know everybody. That felt really weird – being out of place. We would have loved to take photos with the cast, but we felt shy as everyone’s hugging and kissing each other and we wouldn’t want to see questioning looks from them lol.

But anyway, that was a good play? Not that great. That’s the problem for having a star studded ensemble, people would not really try, but they just tend to outshine each other. Or that’s just how they perform? Weird.


I wanted to write a separate post about this topic, but I realized I shouldn’t be dedicating an entire day about it. So just to end today’s post, let me tell you some stories that tried (and are still trying) to bring my spirit down this week:

1) i signed up to be a volunteer for this year’s Pride March in Manila. I believe I’ve already told you that I’m excited to join this despite the fear that I have inside of me.

Sadly, my application was rejected- for the simple reason that the committee

does not have enough budget to shoulder the food costs for the volunteers. It was supposed to be okay, but at the back of my mind I was thinking – was I rejected because I am not a member of any LGBT organization? I mean, surely, someone who is representing something can never be denied as that would mean a rejection for their entire organization?

Or could it be that the last time I attended an LGBT Event sponsored by the committee, I came off as someone who’s not really likeable?ugh.

It made me have second and third thoughts about attending this year’s festival. A friend of mine said that sometimes, the committee itself is politicking; and that some of the members want all the attention to themselves. Not a very inclusive attitude if you ask me; this year’s theme is Let Love In… How ironic.

2) I have a long time crush on someone who lives in the same building as mine. I’ve always had a “series of unfortunate events” whenever he’s around. The funniest I remember was this:

We were inside a jeepney, I was facing him. Someone was asking to pass the fare, but all my systems were focused on that one moment when all my lucky stars aligned and made him sit right in front of me. And it was already too late when I realized that I should be getting the other passenger’s fare and passing it to the driver. Embarrassing indeed.

Anyway, after two years of seeing him around, I finally had the courage to talk to him tonight!!! While waiting for the elevator I asked him his name

And the next stupid thing I could think of is ask him if he was willing to take part in my Love Mission – when clearly, he wasn’t in his best state having just played basketball, sweating and all that. Of course he said no. But he promised to do it some other time.

And so I went back downstairs to see if there were other people whom I can take photos of; and he passed by again – this time, freshly bathed and still hot!!! Naturally, I asked him if I can already take his photo. Again, he said NO.

He said he wasn’t ready yet! What a fckin lame excuse. And I looked like a pathetic stalker who was sitting in our condo’s lobby, practically looking like I was waiting for him. Alright, I did expect him to come by but I was also expecting to look for other prospects for my Love Mission!!!!

It was really that bad. To add insult to injury, his bitchy gay neighbor heard everything. Apparently, they were friends – I cry. So yeah, I am not having the best of days.

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