Pimple and other things

Of all the things life could possibly throw at you, nothing compares to the agony of having a pimple inside your nose

Well, I’m overreacting but dude, this freaking hurts. It feels bad, like something is stuck inside and you can’t pull it out. It’s a living nightmare, to say the least. Lol.

But well, I guess I just have to endure it and pray that it won’t get infected or something. Ugh. The pain.

Food Post

Yay. Met with Aki and Rea again tonight to grab some dinner, supposedly in a cheap restaurant but we ended up trying this new Chinese place near Rea’s house.

The place is called Noodles Everyday and it’s located in Washington Cor. dela Rosa St., Makati City.

Crowd – from what I observed this evening, it’s composed mostly of foreigners (Chinese and Korean customers) who are staying in the nearby condominium units, or working in establishments around the area.

They serve Chinese food, and Rea said that their Dimsums are really good, plus they have a promo for the dimsum festival (buy 3, get 1 free)

So we ordered:

Spareribs with Tausi

Shrimp and Meat Siomai (ugh, overpriced. Too small)

Kuchay Dumpling – tastes weird, Aki actually said it was okay but it’s something that’s okay for the first try. Not something to go back to or try again.

The dimsums are worth P70 each, but I still believe Wai Ying has the best dimsums here in the Metro.

The two had beef congee to share, I don’t eat beef so I didn’t taste this one. Rea swears that the congee here is good, Aki said that Wai Ying’s has the same price and a much better taste.

I hAd the Mapo Tofu Rice topping, which was so-so. Good enough for P130, but I wish they served more of the tofu or more of the rice haha.

Needless to say, this restaurant has a low score for me today.


#Foodie #Dayrefatties #Foodporn #Foodph


I remember posting about my first #GayPride parade last year; and yet now I am scared to go to the streets and walk with the community.

We all know what happened in Orlando, how a crime has been committed against the LGBT community – against our fellow human beings. Lives were lost.

And just recently, a Canadian hostage in Mindanao was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaff group. In addition to that, there have been so many killings of people without due process… It makes me have second thoughts.

But then, I also realize that this is exactly the reason why we are going out there – for the world to see us, for us to fight for our rights, for equality. There has been a time when black people were considered as good for nothing; when women have been regarded as the weaker sex and thus enjoyed less rights than men.

I know that it’s not a fair comparison, but what I’m trying to say is that people fought for this; to the point where lives have been lost.

Although it’s not a good way to die, but if you die fighting for something – then I guess it’s a life lived well.

Maybe it’s time for our LGBT community to take a stand and unite.

But yeah, I’m still scared. I am 40% going, 60% not.

It’ll be fun, though.

So my Mom has a Linked In account

Tell me it’s not happening.

My mom created a Linked In account????

Mom, you’re already near your retirement age, what on earth do you need LinkedIn for?

Did I not tell you that my Mom has a Facebook account, an Instagram account, no idea if she has Twitter (probably she doesn’t), has a skype account (for contacting my brother who works abroad) and a Beauty Plus App on her phone?! Talk about being tech savvy. But she is not, she’s just familiar with the things she normally use (like Facebook)

And I had to call her attention on opening links that contain viruses and post on her behalf (pretty scary). Maybe soon enough, I will find her on Dayre (please, don’t come here, this is my safe space).



So it rained again. I guess the weather is gonna be like this until it changes its mind, lol.

It’s great if you are prepared, but for some reason, I left my umbrella today. So I went home drenched. Oh well.. At least it isn’t “walking in waist-deep floodwater” bad yet. Need to be more prepared next time πŸ™‚

And it’s past 10pm

Which means I’m about to try this thing called sleeping before midnight. Haha.

The photo above is nothing, I just dig that #Snapchat effect. I find it cute. Maybe I’m leaning towards guys on the heavier side lolz

bonne nuit Dayre πŸ˜†

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