Yesterday, I watched the second batch of French Films for the festival.

Les Nouvelles Adventures Et Aladin

First one was Aladdin.

It’s a story of a guy who was lying to hos girlfriend about his job. He and his friend were planning to rob the mall they were working at, but when they were about to do that, a group of kids flocked onto him (it’s Christmas, he works in a mall dressed as Santa Claus) and asked him to tell a story. He was then forced to do just that and told a different version of Aladdin.

This version was actually a reflection of his current life.

It was a fun movie, there are numerous witty punchlines and a surprise music video lol.

I’m giving it a



Belles Familles

Belles Familles tell a story of a chaotic family. Jerome, the lead actor, goes back to Paris with his Chinese fiancΓ©e to close a deal in London. He went to visit his mother (separated from his dead father) and coincidentally discovers that there is a problem with selling their family home. He goes to their childhood place to check and possibly settle whatever needs to be settled, but soon discovers a lot of things – about his father, his second wife, and his stepdaughter.

You could say that this was a messy movie; somewhat predictable and at times humorous.

I didn’t know why they showed it here, but I’m guessing the lead actor was somewhat like the Brad Pitt of french films as I see his movies in the festival every year, lol. He’s a good actor, though. But not good looking.

I’m giving this a score of



La Vie Tres Privee De Monsieur Sim

The terrible private life of Mr. Sim – hah!

This is probably one movie that will surprise you as it did surprise me!

You will never know what’s in store for you and how twisted the story can get until you get to the very end!

Monsieur Sim is jobless, divorced and alone. He talks to people – random strangers, as he doesn’t have much friends. His father doesn’t even seem to like him, his ex-wife and daughter as well.

He suddenly receives an invite to be part of a new team that would

sell organic toothbrush to the four corners of France.

Along the way, he reconciles with his past; discovers things about him and his father too.. And I won’t spoil, haha!!!

It is a great movie. I’m giving it a



Toute Premiere Fois

I Kissed a Girl is a story of a Gay man who wakes up one morning discovering that he just slept with a woman for the first time.

He was about to get married to his boyfriend of 10 years – a doctor, accepted by his family and friends, and who loves him with all his heart and hotness.

Now, I don’t know about third parties or people who fall in love with other people while they are in a relationship – but this one is really really bad. Of course I’m gay, that’s why I would say that this was




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