French Films (part 1)

It’s French Film Festival Week!!!!!

You know it’s one of my most awaited times of the year – the season of film festivals in Makati! There’s this, then the Spanish filmfest, then Cinemalaya and other Filipino films. Hah! Pure movie addict heaven!!

Similar to last year, the festival is being held in several locations : Greenbelt 3, Bonifacio High Street Central and Cinematheque Center Manila (which I haven’t been too)..

Yay! There are a lot of new films to watch out for, and I believe I’d be watching a total of 9 for this festival – God grant me the patience to sit through these films lol.

I’m not a fan of walking out on movies but if a film is really bad or distasteful, I wouldn’t think twice about doing that.

Anyway, the festival opened last Wednesday with Ma Rosa, the Jaclyn Jose starrer movie which earned her a Cannes Best Actress award.

Some of the films for this year – sadly, some great films have one time screening only.. Or the schedule was on the afternoons of weekdays – which, clearly, is impossible for me to see (hello, I’m working). What I did was just buy tickets for last full shows and weekend screenings, hoping that these would be as good as the others.

I started yesterday.

Un Homme Ideal

The movie revolves around the story of a frustrated writer who is desperate in having a novel published. He part times as a – I don’t know, house cleaner or a moving company or whatever. The were assigned to clean up the remains of a house whose owner has previously died. He stumbles upon an old journal of a soldier, and once he find this soldier’s story interesting, uses it as a material for his next novel.

It turns out to be a big hit and he becomes an overnight success.

He, then, marries a successful/rich woman who he has fancied from the day when he was still a struggling writer. Everything’s well, until his publisher asks for a second novel (which of course, he find it hard to do given the success of the previous one); he drowns in debt; and a person who happens to know the real soldier comes out and blackmails him.

Blame me for not reading the summary first but I was actually squirming in my seat while watching the movie. I was not aware that this was a

THRILLER!!! A quick look over Wiki would’ve warned me, but nah. I was too excited to book seats lol.

With that, the movie was successful in doing what it should have – to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. It was a nice movie, and if you’re big in this type of films, I suggest you watch it.




The second film I watched was Human – a documentary about Humans – where we see stories of people.

From terrorists, victims, refugees, presidents, actors, members of the LGBT community, poor people – this film has it all. It made me cry and cringe and fall in love and ah, just about feel different sets of emotions in its three hour run.

A lot of people actually walked out of this, I do not know why. Maybe it’s because it was shown at 10:30pm and everyone else was sleepy. But I fought it.

I fought my drowsiness.

It was all worth it. The documentary is already available in Youtube, in case you want to see it as well.
It was beautiful, it touches you right into the core of your being – your humanity. I’m so happy I was able to watch it.

Definitely a perfect score for me!


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