Let’s call this A Gay Post

The Diary of Tootsies

My friend found this gem of a series while he was looking for Korean dramas online. This, my friends, is The Diary of Tootsies. It’s a story of four friends – three gays, and one girl – and their misadventures in life.

The series starts with a heartbreaking breakup (redundant) of main character Gus, the one with blonde hair, and his then boyfriend. Gus is a writer, or teacher or whatever haha. It is then served with an introduction to the other Tootsies (gay in Thailand; if I’m not mistaken)

The guy with the pink hair is Horton/Golf, a huge gay guy who loves to party. The hunk on the left is Kim, a flight attendant who leads an active sex life. The only girl in the group is Natty, but she falls in love with tomboys/lesbians.

It is a funny but heartwarming take on the lives of gays in Thailand, a story about friendship and love. It is a must see, even if you are not part of the LGBT community. The funny scenes would have you rolling in laughter.

I don’t want to spoil the fun, but just to possibly lure you in watching this series – I’m posting the funniest scene I’ve watched so far hahaha.

The 12 episodes are available online, you need not look on the dark corners of the internet as this series had quite a number of followers. Plus, according to my friends, no one among the actors is gay (but he believes one of them is).

#DayreTv #Series #Couchpotato

Converse Pride Collection

In celebration of Pride month and to support the LGBT community, Converse (the shoe company) recently launched its Pride collection. It’s a line of sneakers that bear the colors of the rainbow (LGBT flag).

Even though I just bought a pair of shoes, I knew in my heart that this is something that I have to get for myself – just to make a statement. And so I did. I bought the Pride shoes!!!

Lovin the colors. 😍😍😍😍

A closer look.

#DayreKicks #Shoes #Sneakers

Men… Men… Men…

And finally, I do not know if I have written this before that I watched a fashion show last week – La Couture Manila.

I was so excited for it, that I have already told almost everyone that Im watching a show and it will satisfy my innermost desire of wanting to become a supermodel haha. Forgive me for I watch too much ANTM.

Anyway, La Couture Manila is a fashion show / design competition for up and coming Filipino designers. It’s like project runway, but not really. Lol.

The participating designers were to create pieces for the fashion show – couture, of course – and then the judges will pick three winners, and all of them will receive cash prizes.

The reason why I wanted to see this was because one of the guy models I follow on Instagram posted an invite to the event. I initially thought it was a stage play, but eventually found out that it wasn’t. No one wanted to go with me because the ticket was a bit pricey.

But then again, for things like these, I am


So the day of the fashion show came, and then surprise surprise…,

RAIN FELL. And it wasn’t just a simple drizzle, oh no. It was a very, very strong rain, one that will make you wet even if you have a huge umbrella.

The show starts at 8, I was out of the office at around 7. But there was no way in hell I would make it to the venue without getting drenched. So I just told myself that it was not meant to be. I’ll just drop by when the rain stops. And check out the models that will go outside of the venue.

By 9pm, I was already there.

I was torn. I wanted to go inside and watch the remainder of the show, but I don’t want to shell out a huge amount of cash..

The need to experience a couture moment prevailed, and soon enough, I was inside the venue watching these beautiful people wear the equally stunning creations of the designers.

And after the show, I lingered around the area to at least feel that I paid for VIP seats, I need to mingle with them even if don’t know anyone but the models haha.

People were exchanging hi’s and hello’s, throwing kisses on air, waving, it was so surreal for me. I’m like, okay I’m here what do I do… And then I saw the male models, and I lost all my composure and the remaining iota of shyness went out of the window. I asked the guys for a photo/selfie lol!!!

With Christian Busby, ugh look at how round my face was..

Kirst Viray – I actually asked for this photo because one of my girl friends had a huge crush on him.

Dominic Samoisette – I have a crush on this guy and I saw him in El Nido before (I believe that was also the reason why I added him on Facebook)

That’s Mike Reyes (not a guy), a famous volleyball player from one of the top universities in the country. Yes. Yes Im shameless. ✌🏻️

Two of my absolute man crushesssssss – Vince Ferraren and June Macasaet

I died while this photo was being taken…

Truth be told, I still am jologs/jeje/probinsyano (negative terms used in the PH to describe those behaviors usually associated with fantards, people from lower class in the society) when it comes to celebrities. I guess I could blame it to 1) being gay 2) being a famewhore and 3) watching too much tv when I was younger

But hey..

My only reason for this is that – it makes me happy. I don’t give a sht if people think of me lowly, I know myself well. It’s not like I use other people’s resources so that I can achieve my simple dreams haha.

Sometimes, only a fellow fan can understand. Oh well, that’s all for today’s gayness. Let’s all catch some zzzzzz’s.. Good night!!!

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