Pasta or Rice?

I noticed that for the past few days, I have substituted pasta for rice. Like in a meal, I ate pasta instead of the usual “One Viand + 2Cups of rice”. I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but if I have to consult my pocket – it’d say it’s not. A decent pasta meal here (not the Jollibee type of pasta) usually costs P200; and I am planning to go on a P300/day budget because of the upcoming trips, movies and theatrical productions that I have planned to go/see.

But well.. Since I took a 30minute lunch break today, I’ll give you a rundown of what I have been eating (and where I have been going and why I have been spending too much) hahaha…

Jean’s Manila

Usually, if a celebrity owns a restaurant, you wouldn’t really have to raise the expectations for it because you’d be obliged to think that maybe the celebrity only uses his/her status just to promote it but the taste would be mediocre.

Actress Jean Garcia owns a neighborhood cafe and restaurant in Roces Ave., Quezon City (which is 7 kilometers from where I live). Now you might ask me why on earth would I travel that far just to eat there?

It’s because I met up with college friends who

for some reason haven’t moved / changed location since college days; and I also wanted to meet the actress (because she’s played a legendary villain in one soap opera before and I wanna see if she can do that in a photo with me teehee). Unfortunately, she wasn’t there so goal number two was not achieved, ugh.

Exterior of the restaurant – it’s a bit small, and if you’re just driving by the area, you wouldn’t really notice it.

Panorama shot of the interiors

My view.

I came in early (as usual) and my friends were coming in late (again, as usual); and I was already hungry so I ordered their Pinoy Salad

I’ve tried salads every now and then, but I believe it was my first time to have mangoes, eggs, and onions haha.

This one’s good. I may be a bit biased because I love ripe mangoes, but yeah.. It was sweet, the onion gave a different taste but when mixed with the rest – it all tasted fine.

My friends came when I was halfway through finishing it.. I thoughts we’d be staying there for an extended period of time, but one of them had an evening commitment so we just ordered light meals

and by light, I meant no rice. Hahaha.

I asked for the Truffle Pasta (blogs said it was the bestseller), but it wasn’t available. I settled for the next bestseller, which was Jean’s Sardines.

And it was perfect!!! I don’t usually eat sardines, I’d prefer salmon or tuna if I had a choice. But this one was really good. I’m amazed haha.

My friends had these:

Chicken Alfredo – which my friend did not finish because it was too creamy.

The other one had Adobo Ala Jeans (with rice); another specialty.

And we has the extremely satisfying pork sisig pizza! It was so sinful, yet it was so good.

My mouth was bursting with so many flavors and I badly needed a mouthwash after lol. Uhh, hello combination of onions, sardines and sisig – will definitely not kiss someone after dinner lol.

Me and my successful friends (from UP diliman), one’s a teacher, one’s an HR Guy and I’m an accountant. It’s nice to know that I’ve been friends with them for fifteen years now.

Anyway, the Jean’s Manila experience was so satisfying, it makes me want to come back for more. The food was great, at least those that I’ve tried. And it’s not that expensive at all! I’m giving it a 4.5/5


The Flying Pan


Yesterday was a US holiday, I was able to drag some of my colleagues (who are doing US related processes) for a lunch outside the office. I was tasked to be the one who would choose the resto and I remembered seeing The Flying Pan and wanting to try it because of their weird logo.

It was located just below Citadines serviced apartment. Now I don’t exactly remember if #DayreFriend @gabbylim talked about this place, given that she stayed there during her visit to the PH. Nevertheless, it still is

everybody’s first time, so we might as well give it a try.

The first thing we noticed was that most of the staff/servers were gay. Haha. We were actually laughing because some of them were cute and the only one who’s not that handsome was the straight guy haha.

Another reason for choosing this place is that they serve both pasta and rice, so if I did not like the rice meals I can go and choose something from the pasta menu.

I ended up choosing the pasta because all the rice meals were

a bit familiar, meaning, I can eat the same stuff at tried and tested restos (which of course defeats the purpose of trying a new one).

Anyway, I had

Frutti De Mare – which is actually similar to Seafood Marinara (I don’t know if they are the same, really). It has salmon, shrimp and some ingredients from under the sea (lol, what a description). It tasted well, salmon and shrimp – who am I to say judge? Lol.

My friends had

Linguini with Smoked Salmon, Spinach and Capers (friend said it the taste was “so-so”)

Piri Piri chicken – was good but very spicy

And we tried their desssert!!! This one is the May Ann’s Chocolate Cake. I was afraid that it would taste so sweet, but it wasn’t that sweet at all! Loved loved loved this #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert

I give the Flying Pan a 3.5/5




It’s the last day of May and my CBTL Planner’s discount for the month was:

Buy any pasta/sandwich and get a glass of today’s Iced Tea for free.

Of course I’m all for freebies, so I used the coupon haha. The sandwiches are a bit pricey, so I settled for the pasta.

This is CBTL’s Tomato and Herb Linguine

which was not bad, but not too good haha.

The best one I had in the three days that I had pasta was the one from Jean’s Manila.haha.

If I’m going to rate this pasta, it’ll be a 2/5.

Jollibee Spaghetti is much better.

Z Hostel


Yesterday was 90s night at Z Hostel. So we went there to enjoy the music from our favorite decade. Sadly, they played mostly non contemporary 90s music, some obscure tracks that I’m not really familiar with.

Well, it was perfect for chillout nights especially with this view:


And this weather haha.

They also have a Bar and Cafe where I grabbed a quick dinner before I imbibed alcohol lol.

This is their Bagnet with KBL – boiled and deep fried pork belly. And based on the menu’s description:

This dish comes from the Ilocos Region (a place on the Northern part of the PH). It’s best eaten with KBL – Kamatis (tomato), Bagoong (shrimp paste) and Lasona (onions) and rice of course! Hahah!

Another recipe for foul breath lol. But it was good, though the one near our condo (Goto Monster) was better – especially the serving size. This one is for a person who’s trying to diet lol.

Based on this meal, Z Hostel Restaurant is a measly 2/5. Sorry.


Maybe I should go back and try other items on the menu? They may be able to redeem themselves lol.

#Food #FoodPorn #Foodie #dayrefatties #Foodph #Yummy

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