broken finger

Over lunch, we were talking about the “injury” I got from last weekend’s jumpshots galore. So you see after landing in one of those high jumps, my knee accidentally bumped against my right forefinger.

I believe it was right after this jump?

I’ve been feeling some sort of pain in the affected finger and have not not done anything about it till last night. A doctor friend advised me to apply cold compress because it looks swollen, and probably take some pain relievers. She also advised me to go to a general practicing doctor so I can request for an xray. It was exactly what I did this morning, and one of my officemates told me that he also had a similar accident while playing basketball.

He was also instructed to do the same – painkillers, xray, etc.; but the doctor found nothing wrong. In the end, he just learned to live with it.

How bad was it?

Picture a clenched fist…hmm what the heck lemme take a photo.

Normal fist – sorry my palms are red hahaha. I’ve had that since birth.

The injured finger fist. I can no longer close the finger to the palm!! And this position alone pretty hurts.

The fact that it could not go back the way it used to be sent shivers down my spine. Okay, it’s not a major loss; not even a disability but there are just some things that I would would feel weird if I don’t use my index finger. Officemate told me that I’d eventually get used to it, but at the back of my mind I was screaming – NOOOOOOO…

But after a quick reality check – I composed myself and just thought : it could have been worse, right? I still have a complete set of useful hands, I can still move the injured finger – but not as I used to do it before. Sure, buttoning a shirt and typing on my keyboard would pretty much be different; but nothing too serious so I should still be thankful.

Incidentally, it was the same weekend that a few drug guzzling people who attended a music festival in Manila lost their lives. See?

I’m not happy that they died, but I’m just pointing that out for comparison? Haha. I know. Sounds like a poor analogy on my part. Lol.

Admittedly, I started this post with the thought of ranting on how a stupid reason can cause you to reduce the function of a finger.. But while writing, I just thought that “Hey, it did not make you less of a person.”

For what it’s worth, no disability makes any person less of a human being. I guess, we should all have that mindset, right?

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