Bar Chow

Last week, I got the chance to visit BGC again and me and my girls went to try this place called The Butcher Shop and Pub.

We went there because 1) it’s the closest to where we were and we can’t really go far because 2) my friend was wearing heels 3) it’s starting to rain and 4) it’s past 10pm already plus this place has 5) a live band

See. I forgot the name of the band though, but they play good music- mostly R&B and OPM.

We tried the following:

Grilled pork belly with mashed potatoes. This was Aki’s food, I wasn’t able to try.

Geli had the Calamares with sliced potatoes

And I had the smoked honey pork silog. This was part of their all day breakfast menu, and our conversation went like this:

Me: Which one’s the bestseller in your all day breakfast selection?

Waitress: Smoked honey porksilog sir.

Me: How does it taste?

Waitress: tastes like smoke sir.

Hahahhahahaha. Seriously? How the hell did she taste smoke? But nevertheless, I still tried it. And it was surprisingly good!!

I’d give the restaurant 4/5


It’s a nice chill place Perfect for

the nights when you just want to hangout with friends and listen to some good music.



You know when you’re in a faraway place and you had a sudden craving for something and it’s nearly impossible to satisfy that wanting right there and then? I just experienced that last weekend.

I had a sudden intense craving for ice cream. I blame the unforgiving heat of the summer sun and my first camping experience for this. But it was unfortunate that the place we checked in ran out of ice cream.

So the next best thing that they had was Leche Flan.

Honestly; I’ve tasted better Leche Flans. But I had no choice. This had to do.

It was good, but still not perfect.

For those not in the know, leche flan is the same as your caramel custard or crรจme caramel. It is primarily made of egg, milk and (based on what I remember) lots and lots of sugar. Lol. The syrup or caramel came from melted sugar. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

But personally, the best ones I’ve tasted aren’t those that are too sweet. This one was almost like that.

Maybe I’m just hellbent into wanting to satisfy my ice cream craving that’s why other #desserts failed to come close.

#Foodie #Foodph #Dayrefatties #dayre

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