First Time Camper in Potipot, Zambales


It’s the weekend, and what better way to spend it than camping in an island far, far away?

I was actually excited for this weekend getaway with my former housemates – Aki and Thea; and Thea’s cousin (photos to follow, I guess?)

So the day started with a disagreement on the meeting time. We booked a 4am trip to Candelaria, Zambales and initially agreed to be at the bus station at 3am. The travel time was 7 HOURS long, so we thought we’d just catch some sleep along the way.

Thea asked if she can just leave Alabang at 3am, but we insisted that they leave earlier because we’re closer to the bus station and we’re leaving at 2:30. So she should leave earlier..

But knowing these people, they came late. It was actually okay because the bus was 30minutes late, but the risk of being left by the bus weighed more than the bus being delayed. So anyway, we left at 4:30 and arrived at Candelaria at around 11:30 am. 7 freakin hours of travel.. Ugh..

Potipot island viewed from the mainland haha.

Another booboo was that we forgot to buy groceries for the first day. We didn’t have anything planned for the first day, we just came with a contact number of a boatman we got from one of the blogsites. Luckily, he also sells some food, and allowed us to borrow some cooking utensils, and rented two tents for us.

After a fifteen minute bumpy boat ride to the island, we were assisted by the boatman to fix these tents. This is my first time camping and apparently, my camping/survival skills are at a measly zero lol.

So my friends decided to leAve me in charge of looking out at our tents while they go and cook food in the public grill. Well, yeah, right now I’m typing this while everyone else is out there enjoying the beach life lol.

Waiting for the #Sunset 🙂

Say hi to the group, Aki is the one with Pink hair, Sha is the one in white and Thea is in orange.

The day turned out to be great, save for a few more disasters:

1) low tide, we can’t swim
2) we ended up renting a light coz we only have one flashlight
3) it’s unbelievably hot. There’s no wind! Ugh.

But overall, the experience for a first time camper is good although a bit weird

Food was great (they prepared this lol)


The sun hid behind the clouds, unfortunately.

But we again had the tela (cloth) photoshoot, which by the way has its own hashtag on Instagram : #TheTelaSeries

Powerful haha.

Perfect for cover!

What a bummer. It is so freakingly hot and I don’t know how I can sleep inside the tent. I cannot take it. Ugh. I therefore conclude I was not born to enjoy the outdoors. Lol. I am telling you, I barely had enough sleep and now it looks like I’m not going to have a decent one tonight. Huhuhu.

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