how do you cool your lips

Good morning!! It’s nice to wake up hearing the sounds of the waves crashing and feeling the cold sea breeze..

But this beauty isn’t how my morning started. I did not sleep inside the tent, I looked for a space outside where I can get a decent sleep. I ended up lying in a dining table in one of the unoccupied cottages. I woke up at 5am when I heard of the noise of some people already preparing food in another table. So I rushed back to the campsite and laid beside the beach.

Hah. #IWokeUpLikeThis

As the morning progressed, we got busy taking photos of this wonderful place.. But the sad thing is, when you’re a good or well, not so good, photographer; you tend to be left out in photos


My only remedy was taking selfies.. But hey, it’s supposed to be a good vacation so yeah I’ll just let it out here on Dayre.

Hah. They’re busy looking at the photos I took of them, but I’m left with nothing but my phone and my hand.

Good thing I know how to take good selfies lol.

We also had opportunities to ask some other people to take photos of us.

You’ve got to make do of what’s available, right?


I would say I half enjoyed this trip and half not enjoyed. Lol.

There’s just so many things one could be very sensitive of; I am guilty of being that at times, especially when I’m hungry. I don’t want to make an issue out of it, but at times, I’d feel that my voice never really mattered to some of my friends. Remember my birthday dinner last January? Yeah. Sometimes, if people do the same thing over and over again, you kind of get tired or sick if it right?

I mean, everyone’s part of the

group right?

Anyway, that’s my bit.. Something I really needed to let out.


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