I’m supposed to be sleeping but….

You know that feeling when you’re too excited for the weekend (coz apparently, I’d be doing some beaching as well); but you just can’t wait till Friday is over; and yet Friday has just friggin started and you know it’s gonna be a long Friday because:

1) I’ll be attending a whole day training in my former office

2) I’m gonna see my former colleagues

3) and some of my arch enemies hah (I have a lot, don’t ask why)

4) and some pretty boy crushes

5) and gunna watch XMEN too…

6) plus we’re planning to drink the night away first before going on a six to seven hour bus ride to the beach

7) and I go back to where I started – hafta wake up early coz being LATE is NEVER allowed during training.

Ugh. Gotta catch some zzzz’s first. Will update as the day progresses.. Good night!

Training Day

As expected, I am the early – oh make that earliest – bird in here. The training is about accountability, not really sure why I took this. But part of me felt that since the branch where I’m currently working at doesn’t really provide that much training, I needed to go back to the company I used to work with just to get that. Especially because I was promoted last year, and the new job description must be backed up by enough credentials lol.

Oh My Gosh!!!!

Super Super Loved this movie!!!!

@sgrmse this is one of the best!!!

A perfect score for me


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