I love the Crocodile


I have a special liking to French brand Lacoste, I don’t know why, but I associate it with class. They are super expensive here in the PH, but I particularly have a thing for their shoes. Now, I don’t call myself an addict or a collector, as I’m not the type who buys just because I like it.

I buy because I need it.

Plus, I’m the type of person who would only own two pairs of shoes – one for casual, and one for more formal clothes (or office clothes). So anyway, I bought my first

Lacoste shoes a few years ago, not exactly sure when. I remember it was on sale, I was attracted to the color as it was different and so, I bought it.

Here. A few people noticed and did ask where I bought them. When I said Lacoste, they’d just say “Oh mayaman (rich)”. Of course not, it was on sale. And then they’d say – wow. Good buy.

That was when I realized that I’d only buy whenever the brand is on sale.

This was my second Lacoste pair, also on sale haha.

Even used it when I attended the Gawad Kalinga build a home project.

You might think that as a brand mainly focused on clothing, their shoes wouldn’t be that sturdy. But they are, I believe I’ve had them for more than three years now.

That must be the reason why they are all worn out now haha. I’ve been in need of a new pair since February; but I just can’t seem to find the perfect one for me. I did find one before, but it wasn’t on sale! It was worth P7000++!!! So, no.

I told myself I’ll wait for the next mallwide sale. But no.

Summer has come and gone; and the Lacoste store has not been plastered with the red stickers with the magical four letter word. I am
Already wearing my last pair of Lacoste and he is already dying, it already has a hole at the bottom. That’s how bad I use these shoes; what with all those jumpshots I do, you think they’d last? Haha.

I said I’ll wait for the Back to School sale, or the Rainy Day sale. It won’t be long.

And voila!

Yesterday, my friend texted me and told me that there are a few items inside the Lacoste store that were on SALE!!! They were neatly placed in the corner, so a person walking from the outside wouldn’t notice.

That was my go signal.

✔️ Lacoste
✔️ White Shoes
✔️ On Sale!!!!!

So I guess the purpose of this post is just to honor these two great pairs

Lovely haha.

And of course to humblebrag and welcome their replacement

So pure..

#Shoes #Shoefie #Shopping

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