Weekend Reunions

I knew this weekend is gonna be packed. It had to be. After all, it was a grand weekend reunion with different sets of friends.

Sometimes, I think that being a happy person sucks. Everybody tends to gravitate towards you, and then you become friends with them – notwithstanding the little things in their personality that are not really preferred if you were given the chance to “choose” which friends should remain in your life.

Nevertheless, you forgive these little things because you value

friendship more than your inner perfectionist.

So anyway, yesterday I met with friends from my first job (which goes back to 2007-2008). I guess you can call them my original batchmates as we all entered the corporate world at the same time, being all bewildered fresh graduates and naΓ―ve province grown people lol. Maybe that’s why we stuck with each other all these years.


Some throwback photos first.

So you can see how much we’ve changed

And grown

Or not…

After years of not seeing each other (sometimes we do but we were never complete), and after weeks of Viber planning- we finally set the date. The problem was, we never really agreed on the place. We just decided to meet at Mall of Asia, which is probably a stupid idea as it was a Saturday, the huge mall was filled with people and you can never really find a decent place inside. You’ve got to walk far to the buffets and one of us brought a baby haha.

Initial plan was to meet at 3pm, and as you know, almost everyone was late. Haha. I had a good excuse – I went to my regular HIV screening (which resulted to negative, thanks God); while the others blamed traffic haha.

Say hi to the group now..

Now you can say who got fat or not. Haha. Yes, I put on a LOT OF WEIGHT. But don’t blame me, blame the food for being so tasty. Haha.

They did tell me to cut down on rice (which everybody does tell me anyway).

Yikeee.. Haha. They’re not really a couple but Rey, the guy in orange, used to deny that he was gay haha. I guess now, he accepted himself already and also leads a colorful lifestyle (that was how he described my personality before haha). The other guy is getting married next year, hurrah! We are all certified responsible adults!

Modern Shanghai

We opted not to go to the buffet since we’re all not that big buffet fans, plus the girls are all monitoring their tummies, and another plus – we have a baby so she might get irritated with the chaos in the buffets.

After more than 30 minutes of walking around the mall, we agreed to have dinner at Modern Shanghai because 1) there’s few people here and 2) it’s facing the sea, we can wait for the fireworks at 7pm.

Yay! A feast!!!

We ordered:

Two servings of their Signature Xiao Long Bao : for a first timer like me (yes, I’m late to the Xiao Long Bao party) it tasted a bit weird but yummy.

Birthday Noodles, because it’s gonna be Rey’s birthday on the 30th. Ironically, their religion does not observe birthday celebrations. Such a bummer right? But being his friends, we made sure to remember his birthday and at least celebrate it since he never really got a celebration growing up. Kinda weird, right?

Dee Fried Hong Kong Chicken with Crispy Garlic

Uhm..the parts I got were a bit bloody. Didn’t enjoy it that much.

Deep Fried Squid with spicy Salt and Pepper
-the bomb! Love it love it love it!!!!

Work Fried Sliced US beef with Broccoli- now that I think about it, this was the most expensive item we ordered. But we did not finish this entire plate. Tsk tsk.

And of course, two servings of their Yang Chow Fried Rice! Haha.

Rice was good, it was almost sticky and we all loved it.

I’m giving this restaurant a 4/5.


Everything we ate was worth P3600++ – and this was all shouldered by the celebrant (thank you Rey!)

It was a bit expensive, we could have gone to North Park or Wai Ying, and they could have also served us with the same or close to these dishes at a cheaper price.

But anyway, we paid for the ambiance and service

which was also great; plus we were able to watch the fireworks with a nice view!!!

#Foodie #Food #foodph #Dayrefatties


Sunday was spent with an afternoon pool dip in faraway Taytay Riza with gay friends! Haha!!

Well, it is actually a reunion / photo shoot with my photographer friend Jayd (check out his Facebook Page : JAYD Ramos Photography and JAYDproductions).

I used to attend his open shoots and that’s where I met him and the other guys (well, gays) who also are wannabe models. Some did pursue the dream, but others like me knew better haha. I will post the outcome of the shoot here, but be warned that some are NSFW haha.

Yay. Gotta get wet

And the gang. Yes, these are all PLUs (people like us) haha. The guy in white shirt actually joined Mister Philippines (so I heard), and his partner was the guy on the upper left corner. Amazing, right? #LoveWins

After dinner, I went straight to Glorietta because I was told that Lacoste was on sale (more on that in another post lol). I met with Rea for dinner at Tim Ho Wan, because Aki was not here (he hates Tim Ho Wan, we don’t know why).

We had:

Of course, pork buns.

Rea bought Rice with Chicken, Sausage and Mushrooms.

Not into steamed stuff.

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp

Food was still great, I didn’t buy siomai today lol. THW deserves 5/5 because they did not served me cold water three times! Hah!!!


#Dinner #TimHoWan #Yummy #PorkBuns

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