It’s a Food Day Today.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men

With the Ramen craze in Manila almost in its dying stage (blame it on El Niño or the summer heat); the restaurants offering them are no longer as crowded as before. We decided to try Mitsuyado Sei-Men, one of the popular ones during its peak days.

This restaurant has a couple of branches near me – one in Makati and another one in Blue Bay Walk, Pasay. We tried the one in Pasay because

1) it was a holiday last Monday
2) no surge on Uber
3) no traffic
4) best time to go somewhere far (not the usual restaurants around Makati)

The photo was taken inside but it resembles the outskirts of an old Japanese town (or that’s what I think of it).

Mitsuyado is famous for offering the Tsuke-men, the one where the noodles are separated from the

sauce. It’s perfect for the hot weather cause the sauce is cold (or so I read).

You dip the noodle into the sauce – that’s how it was eaten. I wasn’t in the mood to be experimental, so even if the place boasts of this dish, I didn’t order it haha.

Good thing Rea did, so I was able to take a photo!

Weird right? Haha. Or maybe it’s just me, since I’m so used to seeing noodles inside the sauce/broth. Lol.

I did try, but realized it was not for me. Haha.

I had Chicken Black Pepper Don – which was so amazingly yummy, but had too many black pepper haha!

Glad I made the right choice. Haha. Also bought this aloe vera coconut drink to go with my dinner.

Haha. I’d say this one’s overpriced, but well, the restaurant does not serve service water (I remember @sgrmse ‘s experience). They only serve “Service Tea”, which actually tasted like cold water with a few drops of tea. Ugh: yuck.

Aki had the tempura with rice, forgot what it was called though.

We also ordered Gyoza – which tasted like… Well:: gyoza.

Funny thing about these Japanese restaurants is there’s just too many of them, the prices range from very cheap to super expensive, but they sort of taste almost the same. Haha:

Well the expensive ones have more “flavor”; like they’re made with so much effort.

Ah.. This one’s the best example of tasting the same; but with a hint of difference (if I’m not making sense, I am sorry)

The Miso Soup!!!!

You know how much I love to have this in every Japanese restaurant I go to. The price ranges from P30 – P140, tastes pretty much the same but still you’d know there’s a difference. Gah. Can’t really explain it, but I guess you just have to try a lot of it to know that one is different from the other.

Overall, Mitsuyado Sei-Men deserves a rating of 4/5


#Foodie #Foodporn #DayreFatties

Wee Nam Kee

Friday Lunches are complicated. You know that it’s the only time of the week where you can have a good reason to eat out (it’s Friday, hello?); but everybody else has the same mindset. So you go out, brave the scorching heat of the summer sun and find a good restaurant to have a not-so-quick lunch.

Luckily for us, there’s the Ayala Triangle Gardens just behind our office. The garden has a strip of restaurants that offer various types of food. They have Bonchon, Wee Nam Kee, cbtl, etc.

Our go-to places would be Banapple or Wee Nam Kee. Today, we went to Wee Nam Kee.

Usually, we would just order the personal set – Hainanese Chicken plus rice plus soup. But today, since it’s very rare that we get to go on lunch outs, we tried these:

Sautéed Beef Fillet with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

Salted Egg Chicken (not sure with the name) which was divine!!!!

Needless to say, today’s lunch made my tummy bigger. But I am completely satisfied.. Therefore, I give it a score of:



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