Manila’s Finest

What better way to end the election day than a visit to two of the country’s famous landmarks?

Due to the deluge of negativities in social media, my friends and I decided to stay away from the drama and go to Luneta Park to visit our National Hero’s monument.

It’s an often ignored part of Manila, usually visited by kids during field (study) trips. Before, it served as a go-to place for those who wanted to escape the city life; or simply just go out and have a date/picnic (as told by my mom).

Here’s an old photo of the Rizal Monument – still untarnished by the National photobomber, a condo unit built behind it ruining its background. Ugh. Some people can be so disrespectful.

My mom said the park used to be a place for people who wanted to take a break from the city life – where children play around, families go for picnics and couples lounge on dates. I don’t know if it’s still the same now, because of 1) pollution 2) better places to go to and 3) pickpockets.

Sorry I don’t have a closeup photo of the monument, cause we went there just to pay homage to the man.

But I managed to take a jumpshot beside the Kilometer 0 marker.

Manila’s Kilometer Zero marker..

It’s where distances from various points of Luzon are being measured (as per Wiki). If you go around the island of Luzon and see kilometer markers, you’ll know how far you are from Manila’s center. Nice. But I believe it’s a common thing to most countries – having a Km 0 marker. Lol.

Sorry for bombarding you with photos, but I was just happy to be there. I’ve told you before that I have a special affinity to places I’ve only thought I’d see on pages of my grade school textbooks.

A few blocks from Luneta Park is the infamous baywalk (infamous because of the foul smell that comes from the polluted Manila Bay). But you wouldn’t actually think of the smell once you see the famous Manila Bay sunset.

And must I warn you, the next posts are all #Sunset Photos (raw, unfiltered

but very beautiful).

#Travel #Manila #philippines

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