oh. ph. politics.

Probably this is what majority of Filipinos would feel like after the National Elections on Monday.

Facebook feels like a warzone nowadays – now I don’t know if the same can be said in other nations in Asia, but social media has definitely changed the way people treated the elections. Everyone has something to say, and most of them are really intense. Would you believe that it has gone to the extent of friendships being severed? Yep. That’s extreme fanaticism for me, but well, it is what it is.

My President

To put a little fun on my friends’ newsfeeds, I uploaded this photo of me and my chosen presidentiable. I looked like a malnourished teenager here haha.

I have been a supporter of this woman from the very first time I had the right to vote. She has always been lowest in the surveys, so I have a feeling that the chances of her winning aren’t really that high. Nevertheless, I would exercise my right, do my civic duty and vote for the person I believe would be the best president of the country.


What’s Happening

The current person leading in the survey is a reluctant candidate. I honestly don’t like him, but I have a feeling he would win. The number of his supporters have been increasing; and the black propaganda thrown against him only contributed to more voters choosing him over the other candidates.

If he does not win, surely, his supporters would go out to the streets and protest. So, I’m like, let’s just get this over and done with. Let him win and if he fcks, then poor Philippines. Haha

But if he brings us to a better future, with the change he promises, then by all means.. Make it happen.

I’m scared for my country, but I believe we get the government we deserve. In the surveys, Manny Pacquiao is on the upper half of the senatoriables and this is probably due to his boxing win last April. So, if he only attends 4 sessions in his 3 year term in the Philippine Senate, then who are we to blame but ourselves? I might have better choices, but I wouldn’t know until these people

prove themselves.. Democracy is a double edged sword, but I don’t complain. I’d rather have it than another form of government that’ll prohibit me from using Facebook or walking alone outside late at night.

I just hope it will be a clean and honest election; I would gladly accept whoever wins and I’ll do my best to be a responsible citizen.

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