So I just booked a trip to Boracay. Sometimes, I just feel like doing things on impulse. Last year, it was the Cebu trip. This time, it’s Boracay. And mind you, I also booked the accommodation. Haha.

Well, if you ask me, going on solo trips is nothing new to me. I already went to Boracay alone, El Nido as well (when my brother and his girlfriend backed out on their trip).

Call it #SingleProblems or #ThingsSinglePeopleDo haha, but I feel that solo trips are just fine. You don’t need to answer

to anyone, wait for them to get dressed, argue over which place to eat. Haha.

So you see, being single also has its own perks.

Except for last year, I’ve been regularly going to Boracay during the month of July. People tell me that I’m weird, that I go there during non peak season when everyone else is staying at home because of the rainy days; that Boracay would be filled with seaweed, there’s fewer people and hot guys….

True that the chances of rain are high, but I completely disagree with the beach observation. Looking at the pictures above, all taken on July of their respective years, Boracay is still the

beautiful paradise that it has always been.

As for the boys? The island would never be without boys. Hello, it’s summertime in the States, everyone’s heading to fine beaches around the world and Boracay is a perfect destination haha!

So, you could say that I had my fair share of eye candies as well. Haha.

Another random thing that I did today: I bought a ticket to watch a movie; yeah, yeah for a movie addict it’s pretty normal lol. But I’m not supposed to watch coz I just saw one last night.

I still had an internal debate, to watch now or postpone it till tomorrow. Since I’m already out now, and it’s still uncertain whether I’d be out of the office at the same time tomorrow, I chose to watch another movie today. Maybe I’ll just treat myself to a nice dinner tomorrow. Haha. #NotMakingSense again

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