So Many Food and A Hot Guy

Last Sunday, I dragged my friends Aki and Rea to Circuit Makati – a new events place/mall near the condo. It’s because I was made aware that Jc De Vera (actor) will be there at 7pm. He’s going to visit The Burgery Circuit Makati (he owns this chain of restaurants).

Needless to say, he’s one of my celebrity crushes and I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see him and perhaps take a photo with him.

But of course, we don’t just show up there and wait for him. We have to act “surprised”, so we went

to the restaurant and dined in. That’s why, I have a new #Dayrefatties #Foodie post!!!

The Burgery

The Burgery is actually one of the famous restaurants in Aguirre St., BF Homes ParaΓ±aque. As mentioned above, it’s owned by actor Jc De Vera; thus, aside from the regular foodie crowd that it draws in, it also attracts the actor’s legions of fans.

I guess he expanded since the BF Homes branch (photo above) is a bit far from the Metro. Before, I’d usually see his advertisements in food bazaars in Makati and the Fort. I’m not sure when the Circuit branch was opened, maybe late last year or early

this year.

My friends and I went there for dinner, of course, to be there at around the same time Jc would be there haha.

Part of the menu

As usual, we asked for the bestsellers and ordered them. We had:

The Butcher 1/3lbs pure beef patty + bacon + farmer’s ham + shredded romaine + sliced cheese + cheese sauce + tomato + burgery sauce

Jimmy Bleu Eyes – 1/3 lbs pure beef patty + bacon + shredded romaine + crumbled blue cheese + blue cheese sauce + onion jam

And Wicked Truffle Wedges – twice fried homemade wedges + herbed garlic butter + bacon + parmesan + lemon aioli + truffle oil

These wedges are the bomb. The combination of garlic and truffle, although not really pleasing to the nose, is really divine haha.

The burgers are good, not that great, but reasonable enough. Overall I’d give Burgery a 3/5


Jc De Vera

Well, the real reason why we went there was to see this guy. Haha.

We already saw a group of fans waiting outside the resto while we were eating and I was quick to judge them as those who were just waiting there, with no money to eat inside lol.

Surprisingly, they came in at around 7; and ordered a bunch of things. Me and my judgmental self.

A few minutes later, Jc came. And I was like, oh my God, come here talk to me puhleeeeeaaazz333.

The servers were friendly so I thought of asking them

if we can “meet” Jc. Server said he’s actually going to talk to everyone to ask about the food and their experience in the resto. Bingo!!!

So when our turn came, I did not hesitate at all and immediately asked if I can have a photo with him. He would have to oblige, it’s his resto and he’s a celebrity lol.



With the gang hahaha.

I might just add one more point for his restaurant because of this lol.

I also asked him if he can do a Love Mission photo, which he politely declined because their management does not allow them to pose for fansigns. Oh well. There goes that one point again hahaha:

At least, I was able to meet him and have a photo with him. I’m sorry #DayreFriends , im such a fantard, I chase celebrities and I’m proud of it lol.


I was just randomly walking around the mall when I chanced upon Aki and his officemate. They were having dinner so I tagged along hahaa!

When the dilemma on where to eat started to haunt us, I suggested that it’s the perfect time to try the restaurant we’d been dying to try here at Greenbelt. Unfortunately, my memory failed me this time as I led them to Roux, while the one we wanted to try was Mr. Rockafeller (situated beside Roux)

So the entrance alone tells you that this isn’t going to be a cheap dinner tonight lol.

That’s me, Aki and his officemate. So please don’t judge my bulging belly, it’s the result of all the #Foodporn posts I’m doing.

We ordered Pizza and Pasta; and by some magical twist of fate the pizza we ordered was the day’s special (I swear we didn’t know, the waiter suggested that we try it)

So we had pizza, pasta and a free dish!!!

Spaghetti with Truffle Cream and Truffled Bread Crumbs

– didn’t really tasted the truffle that much, but it had that magic word so we ordered it. It was good, and served three people.

SautΓ©ed Baby Squid – that actually had baby shrimps too! This one tasted better than the pasta, so we just mixed them together lol. Glad to have this freebie haha.

The Pizza!!! Shrimp, Provencal Tomatoes and Bechamel Flatbread

My first time to try these tomatoes and it did not disappoint. As for the pizza, we ate everything as in NO leftovers. The crust was so good, we compared it to Skyflakes – something that you won’t get tired of eating even if it’s just so plain haha.

The bestseller chocolate milkshake

Overall, I give Roux a 4/5


I guess the one Point would be for the price haha. Too expensive!! We paid more than P1600 for tonight’s dinner ugh. It’s worth the try, though.

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