For the book lovers

So there’s this weird looking thing that’s placed in the middle of the Ayala Triangle Gardens. I found out from a friend that it was supposed to be a library.

I was like, library??? Who, in their right mind, would stop in the middle of a garden in the freaking heat of the summer sun and read a book???

But I should’ve known better. Curiosity got the best of me and despite the morning heat, I went there and checked it out.

It’s created by The BookstopPH for a good cause (see explanation above). Lately, I’m becoming guilty of just downloading ebooks, but yeah, I do miss the scent of actual books haha.

For the #Bibliophiles out there and members of #DayreBookClub, this would definitely put a smile in your face. Especially because they are open to “exchanging” books!

Like a real library, you are also allowed to”borrow” a book! I don’t know how it’s supposed to work coz they don’t have library cards hahha; and they are just here for two weeks. Plus, I went there and saw no “Librarians”; so I don’t know who’s supposed to assist you if you need to borrow a book. Perhaps, it’s honesty system over there.

They also have a freedom wall beside the shelf, for those who wanted to leave comments and kind words 😬

Oh here’s a better explanation of what this thing is – a pop-up library.

They have a wide selection of books, I even saw some from the Twilight saga haha. It’s a nice way to share stories, if you ask me. I’m willing to donate some of my books here (will have to check which ones are readily available and can be donated immediately)

But of course, some people give special affection/sentimental values to their books so they aren’t really welcoming the idea of exchanging them for another.

It is a small space, and I recommend just going there to borrow a book because you would not want to read there (it is HOT).

My poser shot.

My love affair with books dates back to the days when I was still this little. I suppose it’s a little #ThrowbackThursday for you too.

I thank my Mom for introducing me to books haha. I believe I was already reading at the age of 3 🤗

I loved fairytales, science, astronomy and geography books. I also enjoyed reading the lives of saints and of course, the Bible. Nowadays, I’m more into young adult haha. Something about that genre would really bring out the teen in you haha.

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