so. here it goes

Just how good can one person be in procrastinating?

It’s one bad Filipino thing we oftentimes call the Mañana habit (comes from spanish word Mañana meaning tomorrow or specified future time). In Tagalog, MAMAYA NA.

I went home early from work even if I still have to finish a number of tasks (which aren’t really due until tomorrow). In addition to that, I also put on hold some of this week’s plans:

1) Civil war – really not that excited to watch the movie

2) Check the mall for shoes

well my current Friday shoes is on its way to full depreciation, so there really is a need to buy a new one.

3) Update the Dayre world, the universe rather, about my weekend getaway. Still looking for that perfect wifi tho.

4) Watch #DescendantsOfTheSun which my friend has been proactively insisting that I do; he has already airdropped all 16 episodes in my phone.

5) Speaking of airdropped items, I still have two movies in my Gallery and I haven’t even started to watch any of them

6) Pack for another weekend getaway. Are you kidding, it’s just Wednesday. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m expecting to have some more time for rest.

I guess you could say that aside from being procrastinating, I’m also a big worrier. I listed down these things and then I spend time wallowing in my room and thinking about how I can manage them as soon as possible. Not really a good combination if you may ask haha.

It’s usually at times like these that I admire how the human brain works, lol. But this helps – the letting it all out there. At least I could have a vision of what needs to be done, which ones to prioritize and which ones I would prefer finishing first.

Work will always be there, it takes about 50% of my day to be honest. I rarely use the Sticky notes in my PC, But when I do – it’s because I have a feeling I’ll lose my focus. Suffice it to say that those sticky notes are out today –

to remind me of what I need to do tomorrow. I even promised my boss that I’ll stay late if needed. Hah.

As for the other things, I’ll find time. Haha. Who knows, I might be able to finish everything tomorrow? Hope so. Haha.


I do value time too much, I tend to find “spaces” where I can just go, breathe and do nothing. For someone who values time, that’s awesome. I’d rather be doing nothing and wasting time on myself than wasting it waiting for someone.

The problem, though, is that having too much free time can eventually lead to cramming. I could say that it is a hundred percent true when I was studying and is still a bit true in my work. It did save my ass in school, but sometimes, at work – I pay the price haha.

You really can’t do with a half-assed job. So procrastinator + worrier + Crammer = lethal combination. Hahah. I do not recommend this to anyone. Please don’t be like me haha.

Well, the good thing about it is when I focus – I get things done. I just have to find my mojo tomorrow. Maybe some chocolates will do haha.

Anyway, gotta zzzzz now. Will still have to wake up early tomorrow, despite finding it hard to sleep now because of the extreme heat.

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