Food : Satinka Naturals Part 2

It’s 420!!! Haha. I do realize that this is connected with weed smoking, but I don’t do drugs so to pay homage to this day, I went to my favorite Organic Restaurant (which I have talked about just a couple of weeks ago). But of course, when a restaurant is really good, you’d go back again and again to try everything in the menu!

This time, I was not able to sit in my usual place because a group of loud girls is already occupying it. Never mind, I say. I’m here to dine, not to complain.

This time, I tried the Kombucha – a living drink made from fermented green tea. Yes. Fermented. Green. Tea.

It is available in different flavors: Strawberry, Guyabano, Banana, Ginger, Apple or if you are brave enough you can have the unflavored one. This one’s the strawberry flavored Kombucha – the bestseller according to the friendly staff. Kombucha, as per their menu, has energy booster and immune system booster properties.

Well I was warned that the Kombucha would taste sour / weird. It sure did. It’s like beer + soda with a bit of strawberry. Lol. Well at least I had an expensive boost of energy and immunity. It would not end my love affair with Satinka, though.

Learned my lesson, I’ll go for the smoothies next time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

As for the food, I had the Cajun Grilled Chicken and Shrimps – grilled chicken slow cooked in cream and cajun spices, shrimps sauteed in butter and roasted garlic served with mashed potatoes OR red rice and garden salad.

The chicken was grilled to perfection and there was a decent amount of shrimps. I don’t know if the staff recommended this one because it was the most expensive item in the main dishes. It was, however, a great choice.

#Dayrefatties #Food #foodph

Still a perfect score for Satinka!


Hahaha. And That was my 420 “organic” post for the year!

#Happy420 ✌🏻️

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