The Past Three Nights and A Banana

So after three consecutive nights of staying up way past my bedtime, I feel that my body wants me to take a breather and get stop for a while. You add the extreme heat the the country is experiencing and Now I’m a walking zombie.

I was supposed to have lunch at the Fort but this bad Manila temperature did not allow me to.

What is it that I’ve been doing, if you may ask?

The Jungle Book

Last Tuesday, I watched this wonderful retelling of a familiar story – the jungle book. The movie is so amazing, it received a 100% in Rotten Tomatoes! It’s probably one the reason why I was convinced to watch it, and boy, it did not disappoint. The visuals were impeccable; even if almost everything is CGI, you’d believe that you were really watching a story of a boy raised by wolves.


I watched the last full show which ended at around midnight, hence, the problem in sleeping.


Wednesday meant new movies in the PH – Huntsman, Big Fat Greek Wedding and this one. I watched this because I needed a good laugh. Haha.

It’s a story about a closeted gay guy who falls in love with a conman who ends up taking all the gay guy’s money. Gay guy, being broken hearted and all that shit, commits suicide and ends up possessing conman, who seeks help from childhood friend gay priest, who is also in love with conman and is hunted by the devil for being in the closet.

It’s a funny LGBT take on the Exorcist haha and well, it did give me a good laugh.


Manila Fashion Festival


Last night, we went to the finale of Manila Fashion Festival’s Fall Winter show (interesting coz we don’t have those seasons here in the PH).

’twas my first time to attend a fashion show, so I dunno what to do and what to wear haha.

So I wore my office slacks, a Mango top and my friend’s Doc Marten’s. Hahah. Don’t judge; I don’t have a thing for shoes so I only own a couple of worn out pairs.

I’m pretty sure I saw the beautiful @valerielim strut her stuff down the runway last night.

It has got to be her – but If I was wrong, I’m really sorry coz Im a few chairs away from the runway (not yet front and center, but maybe someday) plus I have weak eyes!!

I know this is her.

I tried looking for her after the show, just to say hi., but I didn’t find her 😦

Instead, I saw her hubby H

And some good looking men lol.

I wanted to have a photo with the Semerad (basketball star/model/hunk) guy but guy on the left saw me taking photos and I chickened out lolz.

It was fun!!! At least now I know what I have to wear when attending fashion shows – something out of this world, very Lady Gaga-ish haha. I looked like a boring person with shiny silvery shoes lol. And it’s great to try experiencing new things, like this first legit fashion show.

#Fashion #Modelling

Look at ’em shoes. For the record, those aren’t mine. My ever supportive friend, Aki, lent me these shoes so I can be a bit in fashion hahah.

I’m actually waiting for a store to go on sale to buy a new one. I’m a cheapskate like that, lol.

The Banana

For days, I’ve been craving for a banana. I don’t know about you, but that’s my fruit of choice for daily consumption. The Family Mart store in our office building ran out of stock, and so did the Starbucks.

But then….

When I went to the store yesterday, I saw this:


In my mind, that minion song was already playing, and I knew I gotta buy the biggest one. Yes, I have to put it beside a ruler for better appreciation of the sheer length of this one haha. Take note that it’s still curved so I’m guessing it’s gonna be 8 inches or more if it was straight.

It was glorious haha. Needless to say, I savored every inch of the large banana πŸ˜πŸŒπŸ˜‚

A real #Foodporn moment here haha! #Dayrefatties #Foodie #Fruits

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