FOOD : Satinka Naturals

Organic Food is expensive. With a boom in the number of “health conscious” people in the country came the emergence of new healthy food options around the Metro. Fortunately, there’s one near our condo – saves me the hassle in commuting (and the cost too haha).

I believe I’ve written about it before, the name of the place is Satinka Naturals – located at the corner of Chino Roces and Kamagong Streets (in Makati). They serve true organic, healthy choices, wholesome food, slow cooked for your enjoyment.


Of course, good things don’t come cheap. So, I rarely go here (once in every three months, perhaps?).


Nothing much has changed since the last time I went here. I always choose to dine upstairs as it has that artsy chill homey vibe.

My “space” haha.

Obviously, I’m dining alone tonight so I can only show what I’ve ordered to the #Dayrefatties .

Usually, I’d just order pasta and a shake/smoothie. And that’s because they’ve already ran out of ingredients for the mains (so you see, everything’s really fresh).

But tonight, I had Chicken Cordon Bleu in Honey Mustard Sauce (P259) – butterfly cut chicken fillet stuffed with grass fed bacon and cream cheese, light homemade cream, slow cooked with white wine, honey and Dijon mustard sauce served with your choice of mashed potatoes or red mountain rice (of course you know what I had) and fresh garden salad with their signature salad dressing.

This one’s really good, the sauce tastes so different (I could swear I only tasted it here).

Aa for the drinks, I went for the items in their Detox Bar this time (meaning, more expensive than the usual fruit shakes). I chose “Hydrate”

It is a mixture of Mango, Cucumber and Honey. Who knew cucumber could be so good???

I did an evil thing and took a photo of the entire Detox Bar in hopes that I could also “replicate” the same at home teehee. Of course I am sharing it with the #Dayre @blog community haha!!!

Here you go!!!

Overall, Satinka still does not disappoint and I’m willing to give them a perfect score tonight!!


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