FOOD : Spaghetti Factory

One more day and the weekend is here again. I felt “drained” in the office today, so I headed out to one of my guilty pleasure restos – Spaghetti Factory. I believe I’ve already written about this place before, but here’s an update 😁

My dinner: Spaghetti Factory’s pasta sampler – this time I chose Sun-dried tomatoes, Creamy Ham and Mushroom and Chef Style. Again, I chose Angel Hair pasta.

Here’s a closer look:

Sun Dried Tomatoes: a blend of fresh and sun-dried tomatoes cooked in garlic, olive oil and white wine.

This one’s yummy…

Creamy Ham and Mushroom – ham, olive oil, mushrooms, tomatoes, cream and parsley.

This one’s yummier!!

Chef Style – shrimps in herb pesto with basil and nuts

This one’s the yummiest!! Haha!!

Apologies for the cheese overload, the server found it very nice to fill my plate with cheese. I didn’t complain, of course. Their pasta is still one of the best in this side of town haha.

My friend had Lasagna (P239); I tried some and I must say it’s also good. Not like the other place I talked about last Monday. This one’s so worth it.

Again, a perfect score


for Spaghetti Factory. Next time, I will try other flavors/sauces.

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