FOOD: Marmalade Kitchen

It has been a long day.. And we capped it off with…

Yep, you got that right – FOOD!!!!

This time, me and my friends looked for something new. Something we have not yet tried before. Off we went to BGC and tried Marmalade Kitchen – just because the Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Pink, lil Kim and Mya turned 15 years the other day haha!!!

The place was located at the second floor of of The Forum (7th Avenue cor Federacion Drive, BGC).

The concept, I’ve read, of the restaurant is a cafe with a kitchen studio – where people can learn how to prepare and cook the meals as there are cooking sessions with the chef/owner. I actually didn’t know it until I googled about the place hahaha.

That explains why there’s a separate room inside – far in the background, blue light haha.

Panorama shot of the restaurant

Desserts – a bit expensive, if you ask me. -#Desserts #cakes

Day’s specialties

Counter – they also sell some goodies (made by the chef, I presume)

Table setting and my signature eyeglasses shot. Lol.

The Food

Well, let’s get to the reason why we went there hahah. Rea ordered their Roasted Chicken, Dried Cranberries, Blue Cheese with Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad

Presentation wise, I’d say that they did it well. But when I asked Rea how the salad tasted, she didn’t have a “It’s one of the best things I’ve tasted” reaction. Haha. I’m guessing that it was good, but not that magnificent lol.

Aki ordered the All Beef Lasagna, and the first thing that he said was: It tastes like Greenwich (a fastfood joint in the PH, sister of Jollibee but focuses more on Pizza/pasta). Sadly, it tasted good (I tried as well) but you can have a similar lasagna at 1/3 of this restaurant’s price.

I had Penne with Mushrooms in Pesto Cream Sauce. Okay, they have a huge serving – of the Penne. But where are the mushrooms?
It tasted good, but just like the others, I’ve tasted better equivalents at cheaper prices.

They focused on making the food “pretty” and instagram worthy, but sacrificed the taste. We were all hungry, and hungry people would eat anything and anything will taste great. But for Marmalade, it just failed to satisfy our appetite. I’m giving it 1 point for the presentation


At least we won’t blame anyone coz all of us haven’t tried it before.

#Dayrefatties #Foodie #foodph #PinoyFood

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