the past few days

I believe I was in this state of mind yesterday when I decided to take a photo of what I was listening to on Good Friday and upload it here on Dayre instead of just tweeting about it. In case I have not mentioned it yet, I broke my no social media sacrifice hahah!

What have I been up to?

To be honest, I haven’t done anything much. I went to the province and slept, watched Tv and wallowed despite the scorching 35-36 degrees summer sun.

I used to participate in the Lenten practices/traditions but this heat forced me to stay indoors. In a way, it was a great time to bond with my siblings.

We watched half of the fifth season of Once Upon a Time (up to episode 11); and we’re really hooked in this series. Not only does it give us a twisted retelling of our favorite fairy tales (I was a big fairy tale fan when I was a kid); it also has hot/drool worthy Princes and Villains. I mean, Captain Hook has never been sexier! Hahha!!

Also did a marathon of Project Runway Season 13 – but my downloaded finale was not working, So I just googled the winner. Lol.

And inspired by project runway, I “created”
A shirt fit for the fcked up PH weather:

Tadaaaaa!!! Hahaha! There’s another one but I forgot to take a photo lol!

Prayers for my Friend

Well.. This long vacation was not put to waste after all. I had a chance to visit my friend, who is suffering from cancer. If you have come to this part of my post, I ask you to join me in praying for her. She was actually one of the reasons I wanted to complete my Nine Morning masses last December. She’s a dear friend and I hope and pray that she gets better.

I admire her strength and positive spirit, when we were talking to her earlier, it was as if nothing has changed.

And it’s funny because when me and my high school friends get together, we tend to talk about the same things over and over again – and they never get old.

It felt really good to reconnect, and to tell our friend that – hey, we’re here; we’ll be seeing you again soon.

This is one half of my high school barkada (clique). We are called DECAUNO – from Deca meaning 10, and Uno meaning 1. We are a group of 10 girls and one boy. All except two are already married, but we never lost contact. We still have the Facebook group, although in any group – you will always find issues haha.

I’m not saying this to boast, but the members of this group are all honor students (HAH!)

If I’m not mistaken 7 or 8 of the Top Ten in our HS batch came from our group (im one of them).

We have engineers (Chemical, ECE, Geodetic) an accountant (that’s me), a teacher, bankers and housewives. But we were the mean girls hahaha.

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