The Day Our Dog Died

Today, our family’s pet dog died.

We were not even close, but I felt devastated. For some reason, this dog never recognized me. He was always barking at me, as if I was some stranger that he just met.

But still, I loved him. We all did, he was a great part of our family. I never knew how a pet can affect you so much, I could just imagine my brothers’ sadness as they were the ones who really took care of him – most especially the youngest one.

I’d miss his maddening barks whenever I’m watching tv.. Or his guilty look whenever he defecates or pisses inside the house.

My brother, his daddy, taking care of him.

I guess I will never understand that bond, between dog and master.. But I now know how it feels to lose him, I did cry earlier.

There was this one time when he ran away, and we were all worried were he went. We were praying that may he be found by someone who would take better care of him than we did.

He didnt really go that far, he decided to just lay in the middle of the road near our house. Luckily, someone recognized him and grandma brought him home again.

When he went wild one time, my parents contemplated on selling him. But they didn’t, they realized he was already part of the family and losing him in that way would have a big impact on all of us.

My baby brother and the then very young Gaiuz..

They were like best friends 😦

This was taken on his first day in the house 😦

We all think the dog died of heatstroke, given that the temperature in the province can be sometimes on the extreme.

Now I’m left wondering: were we able to give this dog a good life? Was he happy with us?

What could have we done differently to extend his stay?

My sister said Gaiuz had a stomach problem last night, and his poop was liquified.

This morning when my mom bid goodbye to the dog, he was not that responsive.

And this was taken on the first day that we met. He was still very friendly back then. I was still able to hug him.

I’m sorry, this post is just sad. If I’m not making any sense right now, it’s because I still can’t believe that the dear dog left us.

#Dogs #Pets #Love

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