FOOD: Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe + Backyard Kitchen and Brew

Left early from work today because I have a flight at 10pm and I don’t want to get stuck in traffic or pay a goddamn overpriced Grabcar or Regular Taxi ride. I’m so happy I found a CBTL in the airport – a bigger and restaurant filled one, last time I wrote about this was in September and boy it has changed A LOT.

So if you’ve noticed, I’ve been absent for a couple of days here and the last post I wrote was just too nonsensical, I’d rather delete it (but opted not to coz, well that’s life).

And now, since I have a free time while waiting (six hours, mind you) for my flight – I’m gonna tell you two of my food splurges this week. Brace yourselves #Dayrefatties , this is gonna be fun!


LUDO Board Game Bar and Cafe

Okay, to save myself from the trouble of explaining/describing what Ludo is, I just copied the explanation from their website. Teehee!

But if you are not keen on reading the small text above, here’s a quick summary:

Ludo is a unique cafe that provides you with choices of board games that you and your friends can play while munching on the sumptuous food that they also offer. Ludo actually means “I Play” in Latin.

The first Ludo in Manila is in Quezon City, and they also have a branch in Jupiter St., Makati City. This is where my friends and I went to.

Initially, I was intimidated by the place because it has that young and sophisticated feel (and I am old and rebellious); the kind that rich coΓ±o kids go to.

Panorama shot of the restaurant.

There are shelves filled with games of all kinds that you can borrow and play. You can also buy some of these games so you can take them home.

The bar area, they have game gurus – experts who can help you understand the board games, if in case you don’t have an idea on how they would be played.

The crowd at Ludo is comprised of college kids (I tell you, these nerdy boys are actually cute) and yuppies.

My friends trying to understand the board game that we chose to play (Exploding Kittens).

This is very fun fun game, perfect for three to four people (I guess). You’d each be handed 6 cards – some are regular cards and some have special “powers”. The goal is to be the last person standing (with cards). Now how do you eliminate a player? Everyone will be taking turns drawing from a deck of cards, if you draw the line Exploding Kitten card, you are out of the game unless you have the special card called “Diffuse”. This counteracts the “exploding kitten” card.

There are special cards that have powers – See the future (you can take a peek at the deck and possibly avoid drawing the exploding kitten), Attack (you force the chosen player to draw two cards), Favor (request another player to give you cards), Skip (skip a turn), Shuffle (shuffle the deck); and Nope (to counteract the action against you). It’s a fun and simple game to play.

We also tried Cards Against Humanity, The Game, Coup and the Rhino stacking thing. But we fell in love with the Exploding Kittens.

As for the food, I found that theirs have that Japanese vibe. Maybe because the Japanese are fun loving? Haha. I know, such a stupid analysis.

But of course, I took photos.. Here they are for all you #Foodies out there

#Food #Foodph #Foodporn

Chips and Sour Cream Dip. P120

This is amazing, the staff was also so kind to us she gave us an extra serving of the dip. I’m not sure if it’s okay, but I have a feeling it’s not. She was just nice.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) P250

This is like takoyaki balls made into pizza slices hahahahaha. Yummy!! Serves 2-4 people, but is very heavy on the tummy!

Curry Katsu : Breaded porkloin with curry sauce P195

My friend said this was good. I didn’t try, though. Was not in the mood for curry haha.

Tonkatsu : breaded porkloin in tonkatsu sauce P195

Not that good. Not bad either. So-so. But has a huge serving of rice!

Super Nacho Chips P250

This serves 2 to 3 people, but after all the food above? We had a hard time finishing this. Haha.

We also ordered refillable iced tea, P80 if you add it to a meal; P120 if not.

Overall, Ludo is a great place for a night out with your clique. Food, although not that perfect, is reasonably priced. The pica pica tasted better than the rice meals, so maybe their focus is really on the good times that people will have inside their stores.

Nevertheless, I’d still give them a
Perfect score!!!


Backyard Kitchen + Brew

Another Quezon City restaurant found its way into Makati, giving the yuppies more options for their Friday Nights.

Let me take you to this #WhenInManila article first:

Similar to the guy above, I am not a beer drinker but I must sAy, Backyard’s flavored beer is to die for!!

Served in a variety of flavors (Macadamia, Salted Caramel, Banana, And a lot more), a tall mug of beer (whaddya call it, a pint? Sorry stupid) is just P165!!

But what actually got me excited is this item from their menu:


salted egg yolk, crispy chicken skin, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and ricotta

This, and I will write it in all caps,


It was so sinful but oh so good. Plus, it’s just P225 and it’s perfect for sharing (although I think I downed 3/4 of this plate).

Pulled Pork Belly Rice

Bbq pulled pork, Jalapeno peppers, sour cream, fried egg and garlic rice. P255

Buffalo Chicken-P365

Bacon wrapped celery and blue cheese stuffed chicken thighs, honey sriracha buffalo sauce

Too spicy!!! Not for me!!

4 Cheese and Truffle Garlic Flat Bread – P295

Mozzarella, Cheddar, Bleu, Ricotta and truffle oil

The Macadamia Flavored beer!

It was really good. I’d give the place a 4


It’s located in the still developing area of Circuit Makati. In two-three years time, I’m guessing this will be a foodie haven!

Ahh. Finished an hour blogging the post above. Happy that I’m somehow back on track haha.

Now, I’m back to my five more hour wait. Haha.

Maybe I’ll get some zzzz’s in this coffee shop? Haha.


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