Random things on a Monday

Stinky Story

DISCLAIMER: I’m not good in telling stories/ cracking jokes but what happened earlier was just too much for me to bear haha.

Okay, I was sitting in front of my pc after lunch and then a strong stinky smell wafted through my nose. I am very sensitive to these things, and this one was really bad I had to ask someone where the stench was coming from. I sent a colleague/friend this message:

“what’s that smell? Where is it coming from) huhuhuhu”

She told me it was coming from her teammate’s food.

And this teammate was sort of our friend, and he’s quite good looking too, and I don’t know if I should tell her the truth that it smells bad or just pretend it was okay..

The need to be nice won over the temptation to be bitchy, so I just said:

“Wow, the smell is so powerful it makes me hungry again”

Although obviously, I’m not (hungry), as I just downed two cups of rice and a number of chocolate candies. Lol.

I dunno if she noticed, but I went out after. It was really that bad.. 😁✌🏻️

And this got me to thinking – wow,this is a cute guy with a foul smelling lunch (it’s chorizo, by the way, but I do believe it’s Pinoy Longganisa). This is the type of food you’d smell/taste when you burp several hours after eating it. So imagination went wild, and I thought:

1) if a hot guy who just ate longganisa wants to kiss me, would i give in?

2) mr. Perfect but longganisa breath? Boyfriend material?

3) would you eat longganisa during a date?

4) is His schlong the size of a longganisa?

5) would I eat the schlong if it smelled of longganisa?

Hahaha! I actually discussed these thoughts with another friend through office communicator and all I got were HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAs; she can’t even move on from the stinky lunch.


Now, I just realized that aside from some recent tracks and 2010-2014 bubblegum pop, my playlist kind of looks like the one I had when I started working eight years ago.

I think I’m stuck there haha. Although I don’t consider it a bad thing, but I really am not that “aware” on the music of today haha.

Okay, I have an EDM playlist but I only use it while walking/exercising. Now, while working, my ears find comfort on this kind of #Music – more on the late 90s and early 2000s.

The question is – is it bad to stay within your comfort zone? This applies to all aspects of life.

Recently, I deleted all my dating apps because they just don’t bring me what I need in my life – a partner haha. Of course I meet people, but they eventually lead to a) random hookups b) leaving because I’m not what they thought I was – apparently they thought a gay guy in a gay dating site should never act Gay or C) friendship – which is just fine, except that I’m not looking for friends there.

In other news, our comp&ben for the year has just been communicated to us. It was not that bad as I expected it to be considering that there’s supposed to be turmoil in the banking and finance industry. The thing is, it is Just Enough. My job is financially rewarding, but I don’t think it is enough to guarantee me a bright future, unless of course there’s going to be a fcking great miracle and the bank will perform well this year (I’m hoping for the best).

I would say I’m comfortable here.

But I fear that comfort will lead to stagnation; something that the restless Aquarius in me does not want to happen (I moved to this role because I was “just comfortable” in my previous job).

Hah. Life. But to be honest, I’m not looking for other jobs right now. I’m not yet exploring that option, maybe in about two to three months when I write about my random musings, I’ll let you know πŸ˜‹

And another booboo

And so since Office Communicator was the way for us to talk in the office (because if we do face to face, it’ll appear as if we don’t have much work to do); I sent another OC To the girl colleague earlier. This time, my message was about a stranger (guy) we met earlier. I said:

“the guy earlier who looks like steve, he’s not married!!!”

To my surprise, her boss was sitting in her chair!

Oh my. #Fml what a monday.

Thoughts before going to sleep:

1) There is a dire need to go back to the gym or at the very least exercise. See the difference between my 2012 body and my 2016 body.

2) It’s sad to not have a partner/boyfriend. But maybe, if I do number 1 above, I can achieve my lovelife goals. Bear in mind that I don’t strive to be well sculpted, just a bit toned. I can do it!

3) Maybe I should not consider becoming a full pledged #Dayrefatties hahah.

4) Will start sleeping early to wake up early to have time for exercise (God help me)

5) I guess the only fear I have is not knowing what to do. But I can try and do what I used to do before?

6) Less Rice? Definitely less of the junk food. Oh crap, this is gonna be a DIY workout. Hope I can at least achieve something.

7) How do I flirt with my cute housemate without him noticing that I am flirting? Lol.

8) I should do a post about Longganisa.

9) I said I’m gunna sleep early. Wtf.

Oh well,, good night everyone!!!!! 😘

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