Food : BALKAN Yugoslavian Food

Balkan Yugoslavian Home Cooking

I’ve been a Swarm/Foursquare mayor of this place for a while before. But the truth is, I’ve never been there. I have reasons – 1) the exterior is a bit intimidating 2) I haven’t tried Yugoslavian food 3) and I don’t even know where that country is located.

Balkan is located along Perea St. – a few steps from Mom & Tina’s. This area of Makati actually has a chill but sophisticated vibe, something you’d like to explore on weekends or whenever there’s no rushing pedestrians.

I should have not let my fear of exploring something new consume me. I should’ve tried the restaurant a long time ago.

I’ve heard friends who swear about the greatness of this resto’s menu. It has four branches spread around this part of the Metro – San Juan, BGC, Makati and RCBC plaza. This one’s the Makati branch.

The interiors give you that homey vibe.

The wooden furnitures and floor give out that relaxed feel – drowning out that initial snobbish atmosphere outside (too bad I failed to take a photo). The portraits that hang on the wall give you a glimpse of the Yugoslavian life.

Since it’s my first time here, I asked for the bestsellers. Their dishes are numbered; reminds me of an Indian restaurant I once tried.

This is number 18 – Stuffed Pljeskavica (i know, wth is this). It’s actually a familiar dish – ground beef (like a burger patty) stuffed with mozzarella cheese and served with rice or fries or mashed potatoes. Of course, I chose rice haha.

If you’ve read my previous #Food posts, you’ll know that I rarely eat beef. But burger patties (and this time, burger patty like beef) are one of my exceptions.

Surprisingly, this tasted good. I was afraid there’ll be an aftertaste, but nope there was none

My friend tried number 21 – Chicken Kebab; grilled chicken breasts wrapped in smoked bacon. Oh boy, I tell you this is the best Kebab I’ve tasted; although like beef, I only seldom try eating kebabs haha. But honestly, the bacon and chicken combination is enough for me to want to go back and give Yugoslavian food another try.

It was a different experience, but definitely an enjoyable one! I’d rate this a 4


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