Have you seen Bruce Almighty? If you have, then you would know that Morgan Freeman played the role of God there (yes, for all intents and purposes, God was portrayed as a Black guy and I don’t see anything wrong with it πŸ‘ΌπŸΏ ).

Anyway, I saw this on the Internet and thought it was worthy of sharing; and in case you have not yet seen (or heard) this one, let me introduce you to the Voice of God, reading the Bieb’s #LoveYourself .

It’s so good, it’ll send you good vibes for this whole weekend!

Last Night

I had a sudden craving to food binge at 12 midnight. I was scouring the net for 24 hour restaurants near the condo, and then I remembered Mercato.

Mercato Centrale is a night market in Bonifacio Global City, where food stalls are lined up in a bazaar like environment. It us open every Friday and Saturday at the corner of 7th Avenue and 25th Street; just beside Unit 27!

The place, as always, is abuzz with a large crowd – all eagerly checking out the offerings. It’s like a feast.

The only problem you’ll have is finding a seat (if you are dining there). Luckily for me, I was alone so squeezing myself into a stranger’s table wasn’t really a problem. I managed to satisfy my hunger with a few simple items that I felt my stomach was already familiar with, and thus safe to be eaten even at that time of the day.

There are numerous options, But I chose to go on a familiar route coz I have an early call time the following day.

Food prices vary. There are cheap items,

and there are (over the top) expensive ones.

And I picked these:

Takoyaki Balls – 4 pieces for P70

Bagnet, Stir Fried Vegetables and Rice – P80

Siomai (yey) – P80

My cravings were satisfied!!’

Needless to say, I was so full that night I decided to walk around BGC after my late dinner. Now, this place is (for the lack of a better term) high end; and people are dressed up since it was Friday night. Except for me – I was wearing a shirt, shorts and slippers (usual get up when I’m at home).
It’s actually funny when I see people look at me, perhaps judging me or thinking wtf is this hobo doing in BGC HAHHA. A hobo with an iPhone, lol.

This morning

Remember my friend who’s getting married? Today is her final fitting day!!! I was so excited to see the wedding gown #Dayrebrides you gotta look at this one, it was so fckin amazing (you can check my old post and see what it looked like before).

The dress, oh it was so beautiful, I wanted to have one made for myself!

So amazed with the Lace details, check out the “bolero”, if I’m not mistaken it’s what they call it. It’s being sewn into the bride’s dress while she was wearing it because it has to fit perfectly – with no creases, if possible.

Front Details (amazing)- it is really art coming to life!

Back details – now, I don’t want to post a photo of the whole thing because I don’t want to take away that moment from the bride (even if she doesn’t have a Dayre account).

The designer’s name is Jazel Sy, you can find her on both Facebook and Instagram. She’s one of the top ten sought after wedding gown designers in the Philippines. I find her nice too, given that brides have lots of whims. She might’ve already known how to deal with her clients.

Now, since the wedding will be in Iloilo, it will be costly to bring the designer or her apprentice to this province (as the couple will have to shoulder all expenses- airfare, food, accommodations). That being said, you know who’s in charge of the daunting task of helping the bride get into her dress perfectly?

Yes, you guessed it right – ME!! Hah!

If only I had made those petty designer dreams of mine come true haha. But nah. I’m okay with just helping, I don’t even know

how to fix a broken zipper, how much more make a wedding dress out of pieces of cloth haha!!

This afternoon


After the final fitting, the couple took me to lunch at Mr. Kabab in West Avenue, Quezon City.

It is an open-air restaurant that serves Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s actually famous in the Metro, it is almost always full during dinner time. We came her late in the afternoon, so there are lots of vacant seats already. The place is not that bad, and it wasn’t hot either; I thought since there’d be lots of grilling, you’d feel the smoke + heat of the sun. Luckily, I was wrong.

The restaurant, having gained fame and some following, already has several branches in the Metro.

But according to my soon to be bride friend, the original is always the best. The groom quipped that maybe it was because their cooking utensils have been used the most, thus the remains of all those are included in whatever is being cooked today haha.

I told you Kebab is not part of my favorite food, but upon eating here – I’d say it’s already making its way up on my list.

Check out their prices – very cheap and reasonable!

I had the special chelo chicken kebab. It was perfect! From the buttered rice, to the garlic sauce and that burnt tomato, and of course the chicken – these were all heavenly for me!

I’m giving it a perfect score


And I do swear I would come back for more!!!

#Dayrefatties #Food #foodie #Foodporn #Foodph



Finally!!!!! After 500 years and various failed attempts – I was able to try Unit 27!!! I have to say I absolutely loved the place and the food was certainly amazing!!!!

We almost didn’t make it coz we watched a play earlier (Almost Maine) and it finished at around 9:45pm; we were told that the last call for food is 11:00pm, and we had some trouble getting a cab.

Luckily, we made it!

Of course, we asked for the bestseller and it was the famed truffled mushroom pasta!

Interiors and my failed panorama. I swear I need to go back here during the morning coz I can’t take a decent photo at night (iPhone problems)

My friend, happy to be seating in the middle of everything. I’m not, I can’t eat when you are getting in the way of people who go in and out of the resto. We actually waited for someone to leave so we can occupy a better spot.

Well, there were unoccupied tables but these were already reserved. My charm didn’t work on the servers haha. I guess that’s the only bad thing that happened, the food was already cold before we got to eat it haha.

It’s absolutely my fault. I just couldn’t stand eating in the middle of the room where everyone is passing by us. Ugh. I have a feeling I already ruined the day for my friend hahah.

The truffled mushroom pasta – really good. We initially thought the serving size was small, but boy, appearances can be deceiving.

This plate is a lot! I love love love it, the truffle, the leaves (I don’t know what they’re called) and the pasta. Oh! Heaven!!

We also ordered fish and chips. If it wasn’t late, I would’ve tried the mains but I don’t think I could eat a heavy meal (although what we had was quite heavy already). I’d be back next time, but tonight my initial verdict is for Unit 27 is:


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