Food : Exile on Main St. + Cafe Travel

March didn’t start quite well for me.. We received a beating from our boss for errors that are very basic; and committing mistakes like those = simply unacceptable.

If I wasn’t thinking well, I would’ve reacted to it by simply unleashing the beast in me and becoming a beyotch to everyone. Thankfully, I learned to behave otherwise. It was actually an error on my part – not checking the dates of emails (yes, see.. It is THAT simple); so I understood where my boss was coming from.

But of course, part of me (especially the rebellious Aquarian inside) wanted to just scream and cry out to the heavens above – WTF…

It’s a good thing I already know the cure – FOOD!!!!

And so, off I went to the De La Salle University area – where new hole in the wall restaurants abound. This area is frequented by college students from DLSU (and boy, you can really find CUTE guys here, as in the crème de la crème of college boys). Now, now, don’t judge me.

I’m not a cradle snatcher, lol. It’s just that I want to have a nice view while eating? Lol.

This is the same area where Wai Ying is located (and if you’ve read some of my past posts, you may already know how much I love that Chinese restaurant).

I dragged my friend, Aki, along since he’s just around the area. We asked Rea to join but she needed to sleep early 😦

We agreed to look for a new place this time; and if we don’t find any, we’ll go back to Wai Ying as it is the safest choice.


Exile on Main St.


(photo from Google)

We ended up here – actually he has been asking us to try this one as it has that artsy/chill vibe which he prefers. This is Exile on Main St., named after a song by the Rolling Stones. Of course, I did not have any idea.

The place is small, it looks like a typical apartment for students with tables outside and smaller tables inside haha.

Inside, you can see how “artsy” the place tries to be (see some photos I took below)

Place is relatively small as compared to the other hole in the wall restos around the area. Chairs are small as well, you need to hunch your back (which is rather uncomfortable, especially that I just finished a long day at work).

One side of the wall is adorned by photos (I failed to ask who these people are, but I would assume these are all students).

We agreed to order one appetizer and one main (each). Luckily, they have large servings.. #Dayrefatties

The 4’Shroom Pie – an eggless pie filled with 4 types of mushroom : enoki, shiitake, button and oyster in herbed cheese sauce.

Chicken wings – you can decide on the level of spicy-ness haha. This one’s mild.

These were Aki’s food and he enjoyed them; swearing on the deliciousness of the pie. I tried it, but I found it odd lol.

My plate(s) consisted of:

The White Stripes – pasta with Italian sausages made in house and cooked with roasted garlic and basil cream sauce. I did want to have pasta and I thought the photo on the menu was a strip of chicken breast. However, to my dismay, they served it with beef meatballs… And I am certainly not a beef person!!! I gave the meatballs to Aki hahaha.

I also had the Gimme Shiitake- meaty strips of shiitake mushrooms encrusted in chive crumbs and paired with a tangy Garlic Wasabi Mayo Dip. This one is good, but when you’ve had three or more it started to become bad 😦

I’d give this restaurant a two:


I’m sorry, but the place is just too small. The menu on the Internet does not have updated prices. I do believe the food is quite expensive for the place (especially the “atmosphere).

But, it’s always full. And people come back here.

We had to wait for half an hour for our seats..

Anyway, I wanted some dessert so we headed to….


Cafe Travel


This is located in front of DLSU, along Taft Avenue. It’s on the second floor of Archers’ Nook (above Army Navy and Yellow Cab)

It has the same concept as Cafe Noriter, with freedom walls all around where everyone can write absolutely anything. I’ve been told that this type of cafes originated from Korea. They have private “boxed spaces” for their customers. This coffee shop, though, prohibits overstaying- limiting the number of order to one per customer. Should they want to stay a bit more, they need to buy another glass (which for me is reasonable enough).

The freedom area extends to the table (again, same as Noriter). I stopped digging places like this now; I mean okay, Noriter’s great – it’s the first time I saw this concept it was nice. But to put freedom walls in every coffee shop? That looks a bit dirty and chaotic for me. Oh well, the customers are mostly students – Maybe most of them needs to release some pent up emotions and rage and angst. I’ve been there lol.

Unfortunately, the cakes were already sold out that night, so we settled for drinks instead. Aki had cafe latte and I had chocolate (cold).

It was good, but again, overpriced. Maybe because the students of DLSU mostly come from rich families, that’s why they think they can get away with overpricing what they offer.

I’d give the Cafe a two


Simply because I’ve been to some place better. Haha.

#Food #Foodie #Foodporn #Coffee #FoodPh #PinoyFood

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